Murrini Monday roundup July – December

Murrini Monday originally started as my 2018 New Year’s resolution to create and post a new murrini (glass rod with a pattern inside) each week and post it every Monday over on my Instagram account.

I’m still continuing Murrini Monday though not every single week anymore.  Working on more complex designs (still easy ones too) and they take longer to create.

Here’s the result of Murrini Monday for the 2nd half of this year – July thru December.  I was quite busy and so not as much got created but there are still some cool ones.  One of them, a lady’s face that I worked on for months trying to get just the right nose and just the right mouth.  A face with eyeglasses I was really happy with and another was a nod to part of my former life studying astronomy – titled Fun in Space!  In 2020, it is the plan to make more complex murrini, I’ve got a few started so hopefully they’ll turn out.

Wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year!! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Murrini Monday roundup July – December

  1. Your instagram account is really great. One thing for sure, I love everything. Those Murrini pieces are all works of art. I love particularly the eyes. They’re so cute. But each piece is so interesting, and sometimes very funny. The display is great and what is also fun are those things that shouldn’t be there but are.
    You are a great artist, Mercedes.
    Jeannine Cardinal


    1. 😀 thank you so much for all those lovely words and the huge compliment!! I am so thrilled to hear that you like the murrini and that you find them so fun to look at 😀 They are a lot of fun for me to make and to come up with and it makes me happy to know others like seeing them and find the humor in some of them too. 😀 ❤


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