Show Your World

At the end of my last blog, about having my art be part of an exhibition in Brooklyn, NY – I said I hoped one day to be able to be in a gallery in Manhattan.  I figured it was a long shot but you’ve got to put it out there and tell the universe what you want.  Turns out the universe was listening sooner than I ever imagined in that moment.  😀

In early November this year, I was so blessed to have been accepted into the 5th annual Show Your World exhibition.  It was held at Gallery MC in NYC!!  Located in mid-town / Hells Kitchen area on 52nd Street it was an amazing location.  The exhibition was put on by Re:Artiste, a fantastic organization that is truly focused on the artist.  They treated us all amazingly well and had a few events opening weekend including a networking event for all current and past artists.  I can’t say enough about how great they were to work with!Of course this was an exhibition and opening party that there was no way the husband and I would miss out on attending!  This was huge, getting into something in Manhattan – HUGE!  We went and made a long weekend out of attending the party, the networking event and enjoying the city.

The opening party was so much fun, such a highlight in my life.  The exhibition had about 30 works that were chosen out of 100s of submissions.  All the works on display were so great, it was truly an honor to be among such talented other artists.

We had a lot of fun in our 3 days in the city as well.  The husband and I spent some time going around smaller independent galleries, visiting favorite neighbourhoods, eating amazing food and seeing stand-up comedy (a favorite of his!).

I feel I have to write it hear so the universe hears it – I am ever so grateful to have had this opportunity, it was an absolute dream come true and I feel incredibly blessed to have experienced it.  Hopefully more opportunities like this come in the future, I hope very much to have my art in NYC again – for now though I’m certainly riding on this high for a long bit.  😀

Here’s some pics…

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