A good start to the new year!

2020 started off with news that a piece of mine was accepted into this year’s Ontario Society of Artists Emerging Artist Exhibition.  I was so thrilled – it is my 2nd time in less than a year exhibiting in one of the OSA shows.  This organization is amazing and has been in existence for 147 years.  It is Canada’s longest continuing art society.

The exhibition is being held within the gallery at the Queen Elizabeth Cultural Centre in Oakville, Ontario.  An area new to me – but part of the greater Toronto area.  It was fun to go drop of my piece and explore a bit of this lovely place along the lake.  It is the middle of winter, but still beautiful and I can imagine it is a fantastic spot in the full bloom of spring and summer.

Opening night was great – so well attended!  We had a lot of fun and met some interesting folks as well as enjoyed looking at all the great art.  There was some serious talent in that room and I was honored to be chosen among these other great emerging artists.

My piece that got chosen is called “Data Processing” he is part of a series that is a commentary on technology and our rapid assimilation into becoming one with it.  This particular piece is a favorite of mine as he is the first one of this series.

The show runs till January 31, so if you’re in the Oakville Ontario area, please stop in and take a look at some great emerging talent!


4 thoughts on “A good start to the new year!

  1. So interesting and so much fun to follow your path. This particular piece is really something. It was a beautiful year for you Mercedes. Congratulations !


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