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I’ve always had an attraction to black and white, in all areas, fashion – art – photos – movies – pets.

dogs BandW

A few years ago my Mom bought me this Stephen Huneck print because of my strong attraction to black and/or black and white animals.  Nearly all of my pets growing up (and currently too) fit this color pallet.

My wardrobe is chock full of  “calypso black” and “carnival grey” as the husband jokingly likes to call it.  Goes great with my Morticia-like white skin.

**side secret – I actually love colorful clothes, but inherited a dribble tendency from my Dad and Grandmom.  Darker clothes help conceal a wayward dribble – if I wore light colors, you’d be more likely to notice that wet spot where I tried to clean off some of my morning coffee! 😀

I didn’t blog much last year for several reasons, but one reason was that I was working out a few new creative directions and wrangling with some technical problems they were bringing up.  A lot of those problems have been resolved and I’m getting started now on building some mosaics.

Choosing the color pallet for the new mosaics was one of the first steps.  While I do love the shimmer and bling of colored gold smalti, my old love of black and white has won out.  Here’s one of my worktables full of the new materials that will be used in the upcoming mosaics!black-adn-white-materials I might throw in a tiny bit of color here and there just for some jazz, but maybe not.  Black and white has an elegant simplicity that is tough to beat.

So it seems 2017 will keep me in my very black and white world!  Hope you’ll continue on this year’s journey with me (can’t believe it is mid-March already!) and soon hope to show you some of the new mosaics!  😀



In May, took a fantastic mosaic sculpture workshop at Mosaikashop in Montreal.  I learned so much from instructor Marcelo de Melo, and really appreciated the way he taught.  When I saw he was teaching a 2nd workshop the next week, decided it would be foolish not to jump on the opportunity to learn more from him.

IMG_4730 (600x800)

bits and bobs

This 2nd workshop was all about composition.  Not knowing what I’d want to work with, and it being 2.5 hrs away, I dragged over gobs of fun bits from home as options.

IMG_4728 (600x800)

love this wire!

When we started designing – I kept coming back to this wad of red wire.  Fell in love with this wire in 2014 at a Tennessee junkyard, and dragged home a TON, much to my husbands horror 8-O.  Now it came in handy though! Thought to work the red flowing through a field of white, in a twisty, meandering way with the wire down between the white tessera.  But, that isn’t what happened.

There wasn’t enough white smalti available for my piece, so had to move to a different choice – marble.  I rarely use marble, it isn’t my material of choice – but it had a great fun texture to it, almost like sugar cubes!

IMG_4731 (800x600)

some of the white marble

While digging around in a bin, discovered thin smooth polished rods.  They were neat, and figured I’d cut them up in tiny slim bits.  But when I got back to my board – started playing and laid them in a vertical pattern.  Voila – a new design was born!  The vertical white bars would sit slightly higher than a square-ish multi-white (marble, vitreous and clear glass) background.  This design became more about texture than anything.  I even let the white cement show and set the pieces further apart to allow it to squish up.

The original idea of the embedded red wire meandering no longer worked in the regimented background – but I still wanted to use it.  Decided on some twisted shapes that come out of the white and burst across that square regimented background at an angle.  Like an energy burst or lighting from a storm.

This project was something different for me.  Different materials than I normally use, different setting of the materials by leaving – for me – large spaces between, different in color as I almost never work in white, but in the end I quite like how it turned out!  Plus, in all our discussions in the class and individually with our instructor, learned quite a lot and came home so pleased I’d not missed the opportunity to learn more.  For more info on our super great instructor Marcelo de Melo, check out his website at

So – below are pics of my project!   I’ve been having more thoughts of this energy burst of red lately and may explore it more in a little series, not sure yet though.


purp black sculputure close up a mercedes mosaics

my favorite view

Previously, I asked for help deciding on a color for the other side of a sculpture I was building for a workshop.  Thank you to all the lovely folks who gave suggestions – there were some awesome ones!!

I’d loved the ideas of pinks or teals – but ended up not having enough of either one, with no time to order more, had to pick something else.

Played around with options and finally settled on a mix of 3 blacks. The different shades give it a nice shine and make it not so flat. Also, stuck in a few strips the white marble just like on the purple side.  My favorite part is looking from the purple side through the “tear” and seeing a strip of the white surrounded by black.

I’m happy with the result – at workshops it’s always a worry to not be just a derivative of the instructor’s style and I think this turned out for sure “me”. Now – need to decide how it should sit.  It was originally supposed to just sit one way – but realized it actually can balance other ways as well.   Which way do you like it?

Vote and tell me which way it looks best to you! (double click a pic to expand and see the options bigger)

here’s some other detail shots too




May has been jam packed, took a little vacation, found out we have to move shortly 😦 and started a fun little mosaic sculpture workshop.

I got nervous driving it home, so I buckled it in for safety!!

I got nervous driving it home, so I buckled it in for safety!!

Decided to take the class as it was a different kind of sculpture technique than I’ve done before.  Plus it is great fun to be around others who love mosaic as much as me – kind of a rarity to find!

So here’s a few pics of my nutty little sculpture- it isn’t finished yet so don’t judge too harshly!  At the teacher’s request, can’t share pics of the process – but here’s some “in progress” of the mosaic part.

The color choice of material to cover it with was a little limited – first was going to go with brownish tones (something I never use) but then decided on a mix of purples with some fun white sparkly streaks.

I’d planned to do both sides purple – but now thinking maybe the opposite side a different color – perhaps black or maybe white.  It can sit many different ways – so depending on how it is displayed you will see the opposite side or parts of it.  Have to decide in the next 2 days though as we finish up on Saturday.

Do you have an opinion on what color the opposite side should be?  Let me know!  Write in a comment below – I’d love the input – it will help my indecisive Libra brain!!