Shop Small, Not Mall!

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It is Small Business Saturday here in North America.   The day after crazy Black Friday sales at every major retailer that unofficially signal the start of holiday shopping.

I’ve always been a hunter of unique gifts.  Those one-of-a-kind, no one else will have it, super special items.  Well they’re not found in the pile of mass produced stuff at a mall – only your local (or online!) small businesses have that.

So today, after your Friday full of big retailer shopping  – go shop the small businesses you know.  Find that unique one-of-kind gift for the special people in your life and support the little guys who create those pieces!

As a small suggestion 😉 head over to our site  we’ve got a great selection of one-of-a-kind Pendants, Rings, Purse Hooks and Cufflinks that make beautiful gifts.

If you’re a USA based shopper, your dollar goes further with us as $1 CAD = $0.75 USD, it is like an instant discount!


88 New Pieces!

JP564 - Blue Flowers MicroMosaic Pendant

JP564 – Blue Flowers MicroMosaic Pendant

They’re small but they still count!

The last few weeks I’ve not come up much for air – it’s been a time of intense work to get a new collection of jewelry done / photographed / uploaded to the website all in time for the holidays.

This year’s collection includes 49 new Pendants – 22 new Rings – and a limited run of 17 Purse Hooks.  Wanted to add Bottle Stoppers, but deadlines & supply delivery didn’t match up – something for next year!

JR584 - Blue & Gold Ring

JR584 – Blue & Gold Ring

In addition to a classic mosaic look, many pieces are micro-mosaic.  What is that?  It is mosaic using very tiny pieces, often little rod shapes, to create a picture or design.  It was a jewelry style popular during the Grand Tour of Europe period (17th – 19th centuries) yet those usually depicted popular landmarks.  The rods in my pieces range mostly between 0.5mm – 2mm wide, interspersed with larger fun patterened millefiori.  It’s been a neat new kind of mosaic to create and I’m excited to do more.

JH515 (1) Black White MicroMosaic Purse Hook Mercedes Mosaics (800x599)

JH515 – Black & White MicroMosaic Purse Hook

For the purse hooks, decided to just do a limited edition run.  I never used one before, but have started now and quite like it!  Not only does it keep your purse up off the gross germ-y floor but apparently it is also good Feng Shui!  There is a saying that “A purse on the floor is money out the door!”  Putting it on the floor brings bad luck money-wise as it shows disrespect to your wealth.  An interesting tidbit to learn!

Pictured below are a few of my favorite pieces from this collection.  All the new pieces (and then some!) are for sale at & make excellent unique one-of-a-kind holiday gifts!

Ring a ding ding!

Taking a break from the Geisha this week, she’ll be back next week when I’ll show you the 2nd in the series – the neck (a little insider note – it is my favorite of the 3 🙂 ).


using styrofoam as little ring holders to keep the bezels upright while working in them

This week is focused on another project from the past few months – a boatload of jewelery!  The summer sun was just too delicious to not enjoy, so I tried to work outside as much as possible.  But lugging loads of tile in and out of the house each day isn’t ideal.  So I picked some smaller stuff to work on that was easily transportable.

Only intended to make a few rings and a couple cufflinks – but got going and couldn’t stop.  The end result of the project yeilded 34 rings, 12 pairs of cufflinks and 4 new necklaces!

Making mosaic jewelry isn’t my main focus – but I really enjoy doing it.  It is a fun challenge to work in a small space and see what can happen.  It is also a quick little satisfying hit, they don’t take weeks to finish like a wall piece can.  Plus – it is fun to play with jewelery.  😀

Some “in-progress” pictures as well as a few final pictures are below.  I’m not putting in final pics of all 50 pieces, but they are getting uploaded onto the main website in a couple weeks so you’ll be able to see the rest over there soon.  Now to figure out what to do with them all!