Learning something new!

It’s good to flex the brain and learn a new skill every now and again, bonus if it turns out you love it and have a ton of fun!  🙂

There’s a project I want to do in the future – with mosaics – and I was told I’d likely need to use a bandsaw to accomplish it.  I don’t have one of those and hadn’t used one before – but noticed a local shop ( KJP Select Hardwoods ) was offering a class on how to make a bandsaw box.

Fine woodworking never grabbed my attention in the past.  I’m more a functional wood stick-it-together-er type, not a maker of pretty wood things.  I didn’t really care about making a box – even though it was cool looking in the promo picture.  But figured the class would give me a chance to try a bandsaw, learn a bit and see if it was a tool I’d be comfortable using in the future.

Class day arrived and turned out we were only 2 students – both women, how neat is that!  We had a super awesome teacher and with just 2 of us in the class we had the time to each make 2 boxes.

Turns out the bandsaw is way safer than I’d realized and is really neat to use!  I absolutely loved making the boxes.  They were each made from a single block of wood.  It was such fun to cut them out, piece them together, see them come to life and the beauty of the grain when you put on a bit of wax at the end.  I’m hooked.  Not just on the bandsaw and it’s wonderful versatility but also on making these beautiful little boxes.  Maybe some fine woodworking projects will be in my future after all.  😀

If you’re ever in the Ottawa, ON area, check out KJP Select Hardwoods.  They’re great people and offer a ton of cool classes.  They were amazing to me, not just in the class, but also in helping me figure out options for my future project.  They gave me a ton of great tips and things to try that will make what I want to accomplish much better.  My teacher for the class was Louis Boucher, super nice and a wonderful skilled instructor.  He made everything easy to understand and created a great safe working environment.  He teaches many places around the Ottawa area and has a couple of videos on YouTube about him (click here to see)

Here’s some pics from the fun day!  Hope you all get a chance to learn something new soon too!  😀


What’s this blog for?

I’ve debated doing a blog for years.  Often I don’t think anyone cares what others have to say nor is a personal blog often interesting to anyone except the blogger, and as an insanely private person a blog has seemed scary and felt like too much exposure.  So why in the world after all that would I keep writing?

Because this blog will be about accountability for me.  Blogs are only worthwhile if the blogger keeps updating it.  In order to update this blog, I’ve got to be producing mosaic work and not slack off!

Mosaics have been important to me for 10 years now.  A few years ago I had a good streak of production going and was happy about my progress.  The last 2 years, life has change dramatically and time and energy for mosaics fell to the wayside.  I spent the last year in school learning French full time, I’ve moved countries, my family structure is unrecognizable from 2 years ago, virtually none of the items around my house are the same.  Only my dog, some clothes and a few knick knacks remain the same.  Life took some big changes, good changes, but time consuming ones that left little over for creativity.

The next 6 months though – it has been decided – will be devoted to a full force return to mosaics!

Some exciting things will be happening in the fall ( stayed tuned to find out what they are! ).  I’ve got some rough ideas for next mosaics as well and will posting regular updates along with photos.

Many photos of my past work (current work too) are posted on my website, www.mercedesmosaics.com but this blog will contain more “in progress” detail pictures and regular updates on upcoming projects, thoughts and more.

Join me on my next 6 months of adventure and hopefully, if all goes as planned, there will be some good work come out of it!