Art League of Rhode Island put out a call for art for an exhibition to be called OneZeroOne.  The title is a reference to binary code, a number system that is the basis for all computer code.

This was right up my alley!

In my former career, I was a computer program developer.  A code writer, a website designer, a graphic designer, a creator of digital tools.  I loved my job as it was very creative and difficult code was like candy to my puzzle loving brain.  😀  But I also have long had issues with technology and how it impacts us.

I even created a series of art called “Data Reliance” that was meant as a commentary on technology and our rapid assimilation into becoming one with it – not always in a positive way.  So I really really wanted to be a part of this exhibition.  It made me so thrilled when they accepted one of my pieces titled “Data Processing”!Another super bonus – being accepted meant the husband and I got to visit Rhode Island!  We’d never been before, so it was a fun new experience!

Opening night in Providence at the VETS Gallery (83 Park St) was full of attendees and super fun!  There were many mediums represented in the show, which made it very interesting.  A lot of the other exhibiting artists were in attendance and I got to meet so many people.  They were all incredibly nice, incredibly welcoming and just wonderful!  I wish I lived in Rhode Island so I could be part of this amazing group all the time.  Happily, I connected with some of these great folks online and look forward to following them!

After the show, we spent time exploring the Newport area.  We were in awe at the amazing ginormous old mansions!  Taking a tour of The Breakers, the former Vanderbilt summer home, was a highlight.  Most of all though we loved being on the beach, walking the sand, hearing the waves.  It has been a number of years since I’ve been near the ocean and it was soul enriching to be next to it again.  😀

Here’s some pics from OneZeroOne as well as a few Rhode Island pics too.  If you’re in the Providence area, please go by and check out the show.  It is at the VETS Gallery, part of the Veterans Memorial Auditorium on the 3rd floor at 83 Park Street in Providence.  The show is up till November 15 and has a ton of very interesting pieces!

6 thoughts on “OneZeroOne

    1. it was a pleasant surprise, but frankly the house was so overloaded with all kinds of decoration – plaster work, intricate decorative painting, fabrics, etc.. I’m not sure it was necessarily a love of mosaics, but more a love of detailed decoration, there were way less mosaics than the painting and plasterwork.


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