Murrini Monday roundup, January – March

On New Year’s Day I made a post with a resolution to create a new murrini (glass rod with a pattern inside) each week this year.  From the looks of it on the blog here, I’ve not been successful, but in fact I have!  I’ve been posting them each week on my Instagram account and decided to post them here on the blog in 3 month increments.  They’re not really worthy of a whole blog post on their own each week, so figured for over here this was a better format.

I’m still learning, so there are some winners and some stinkers in the mix, hopefully by the end of the year we’ll see progress in my skills.  Below is the batch from January – March, during this time we had a month of all hearts in celebration of February and some skills tests, like trying to see if I could create a triangle and pull it while keeping the triangle shape.

Hope to be posting here more regularly soon.  There’s been a lot going on in addition to coming up with new murrini to make each week.  I’ve been busy in my studio getting ready for a dual exhibition with another artist coming in May!  Hope to have more on that to share soon!  In the mean time, here’s 3 months worth of murrini!  😀

10 thoughts on “Murrini Monday roundup, January – March

  1. WOW! 1, 2, 4, and all those hearts! Love them all. Might need to commission something with the beautiful purple ones when you aren’t so busy. Thanks for posting them here since I don’t do Snapchat or Instagram. I would live to see a video snippet of you making these. They are fantastic.


    1. Thanks! That purple is a fantastic color isn’t it! Love working with it, was so happy to find it, it doesn’t always react well and sometimes breaks apart but when it is does hold it is so nice! Glad to know you liked so many of them!! 😀


    1. Thanks Polly!! 😀 They might go into larger mosaics, but mostly probably into micro-mosaic jewelry or micro-mosaic wall art pieces. Some of them though are just for fun or to see if I can do it. 😀


  2. I thought you had changed your mind about those Murinis because you were too busy with all those things to do for the coming season.

    They’re really great. But I love particularly no. l0 and no. 13.


    Jeannine Cardinal


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