Happy Holidays & New Year Wishes!!

option-2-964x1024It’s good for my holiday spirit each year to take a moment and work on something a bit fun and holiday themed.  2016’s holiday mosaic is a little star ornament of blue mirror with some black line accents.  Our household moose sculpture (a must for all Canadians!) helped hold it for a picture. 😀

It’s been quiet on the blog while I’ve been working out the kinks for some new projects.  Hopefully that quiet will change as 2017 looks promising for new work to share with you soon.

Wishing you all the happiest of holidays (for whichever one you celebrate) and may you have an amazingly wonderful New Year!!

4 thoughts on “Happy Holidays & New Year Wishes!!


    Thank you so much for your wishes. And let me tell you that this moose is simply beautiful. I was invited for supper at Maneerat and Eric’s home tonight. It was really good and pleasant. I am looking forward to seeing you, my son and my grandson next week.

    Very much love.




      It is a really cute moose isn’t it! We found it in a shop in Montreal last year, so much fun. Am so glad to hear you had a lovely dinner with Eric & Maneerat. We too are looking forward to visiting next week and can’t wait to hear about your trip!! Sending much love back to you!!


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