Riding the Creative Process Rollercoaster

creative process smIt’s been a bit of a slow go since February.  Some of it I blame on winter.  Even though I’ve been in Canada (from Florida) 5 winters now, still find it a bit hard to be so shut in.  Not having open windows and lots of hours of sun makes it hard to get up and go. Hopefully spring will come soon, though as I’m writing this, it is snowing. o_O

The other part of slowness I’m blaming on riding the creative process roller coaster.  It wasn’t a lack of creativity – in fact, I had a project to work on that’s been planned for quite some time and was really excited about it.

Why the slowness then?  Since we moved last summer,  I’d not worked on a larger wall mosaic at all till now.  Instead focusing on jewelry for the holidays and then more for Valentine’s Day.

When it came time to get back into creating a new bigger wall project I had so much anxiety just starting.  Really liked the design I had and wanted to do it right yet started questioning all the plans that I’d had for it and fell into analysis paralysis.  Then, once I got going,  I went into the up and down rollercoaster ride of:  this is going great!  this is awful!  maybe it’s ok….  wow – I’m crap what was I thinking!

This up and down happens to me on nearly every project.  Except for jewelry.  Guess because they’re small and over with in a short amount of time that it doesn’t allow for that roller coaster of feelings to come.  It just had been awhile since I’d experienced this ride and and this time it really slowed me down productivity wise.

I used to think it was just me who had this awful ride on projects.  Then awhile ago someone posted online this funny “Creativity Process” list in the pic above. 🙂 It was such a perfect description that I printed it out, framed it and put it on the wall right next to my worktable.  This way – when I’m in the “This is shit, I am shit” part of the process it gives a little levity and reminder that probably it will work out in the end!

As fellow creatives, I’m curious – do you go through this ride when creating your projects?  Does it ever slow you down and if so, have you developed any tricks to get around it?


17 thoughts on “Riding the Creative Process Rollercoaster

  1. I drink. Which slows EVERYTHING down foe me. Hence why your husband has had to run around smelling like store bought soap!


    1. 😀 Oh how I love you Robbie! Thank you for the super big laugh! Guess I should wish I was drinking so there could be something to pinpoint it to! 😀 We are waiting with hopeful noses on those soaps, especially after a “drug store soap” debacle last week that was very…..pungent.


  2. My biggest obstacle is just getting started. I can blame availability of time and too many other distractions. I am still working on how to get around it. I am currently working on a piece with a quote selected due to this problem I have – it will be posted at my blog shortly.
    Keep pushing through it, your work is beautiful. I am especially attracted to your mosaic wall art (your jewelry is beautiful too!)


    1. Getting started is such a huge hurdle for me too! Makes no sense either, because usually it isn’t for lack of ideas so it should be easy to start, but somehow it isn’t. 🙂 Thanks for the really lovely words of encouragement too. Love your work as well and hope the one you’re working on goes smoothly. Looking forward to seeing it on your blog soon! 🙂

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    1. well hey sis, you need to keep moving forward on it then! it is soooo much fun being in the “i am shit” phase! 😉 just kidding! you do great work, need to just get to it, clean up that crap-room this summer! 🙂


  3. I think many of us could wear T-shirts with these words! I’ve seen adaptations of it around. Yes, go through it – absolutely and thankfully I have a super-tolerant husband who gets quite the earful! Strategies … IF you’re not working to a deadline … keeping smaller projects on the go simultaneously. It gives you a break from the “dreaded piece” and you can keep working on aspects of other creative processes which don’t require so much “mind work”. A walk, visit to nature (even if looking like the Michelin man in cold snaps) can help. Often just stepping away from the piece that’s really troublesome and giving yourself a break and coming back with a new set of eyes really helps me. Hope that helps.


    1. You gave me a good chuckle with “even if looking like the Michelin man in cold snaps” 😀 Really appreciate a lot your suggestion of keeping some other smaller projects around at the same time. I’m going to try that going forward – think it sounds totally brilliant. Makes a lot of sense, get away from the problem one a bit, get the mind off it and get something else worked on. That was the most frustrating, not getting much done and feeling like I was just frittering time. This is awesome, thank you!

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      1. I’m so glad to have been of some help! I also find a little bit of Lindt chocolate (possibly available in Canada) is helpful too. 🙂 Main thing is to know YOU ARE NOT ALONE! If my studio walls could talk they would be called
        “The Ramsay walls”. That will make sense if you know the chef Gordon Ramsay. 🙂

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      2. A Lindt store just opened in a new shopping center a mere 12 minute walk away from my house! I could combine getting out – while maybe not quite into nature – but at least walking with a chocolate infusion! 😀 It is good to know I’m not alone in this, though sure don’t wish it on others. 🙂

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      3. Goodness- a Lindt store would be dangerous for me! I have only seen their chocolate in supermarkets. The salted caramel, Raspberry and roasted almond are amazing. I’d say it’s a good reason to leave the studio! 😆


      4. a bit dangerous for me too – it is brand new, haven’t ever seen a store before either! they have individual wrapped truffle type ones for sale in bulk, you fill the bag with whatever mix you want. the first day of trying it, came home and wanted to eat one of each! 😀


  4. Yes, I go through this. I remember being 14 years old. My Dad gave me my first guitar that I would own. I sat upstairs, writing a song. I thought it sucked. I sat in that dark room crying and crying. I suck. I am shit. Over time, a long long long time. I finally realized that my self worth is not equivalent to the quality of my art/music. Sure I fall into it. Perfection is made by removing the imperfect bits. So then, imperfection is part of perfection and that is perfect. Anyway I empathize with this post. I have lived it, and will again. Take care.

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    1. Thank you so much for that – really a great story and comment. Love this bit: “imperfection is part of perfection and that is perfect”. Am going to remember that! It is good to remember (and be reminded!) too that self worth doesn’t equal the quality of the piece, wise words. 🙂

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