It’s official – I’m Canadian!

My holiday gift came early this year!  On December 9th, I received my Canadian Citizenship. 😀 glovesNot only did I receive my citizenship – but I was insanely lucky (and honored) to have been 1 of only 50 new citizens invited to attend a very special ceremony hosted by Canada’s Governor General at Rideau Hall in Ottawa.

For non-Canadians, the Governor General is the representative of the Queen in Canada and carries out most of her constitutional and ceremonial duties.  Our current Governor General is the His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston.  Rideau Hall is his residence, the largest official residence in Canada.

my micromosaic maple leaf pinI wanted to show my pride for becoming Canadian, so made a micro-mosaic pin of a Maple Leaf.  It’s small, 20mm x 20mm, with individual pieces just 0.5mm to 2mm!

The first part of the day was in the Tent Room where we had round table discussions on citizenship.  It was neat to meet other people and hear their stories.

the Governor General with my card!! photo by Kevin Burns

the Governor General with my card!! photo by Kevin Burns

The best moment was when the Governor General arrived, he went through the room stopping to talk.  Amazingly, he came right by me to say hello!  My (odd) hair probably caught his attention first- but my absolutely lovely mother-in-law leaned over and told him to look at my pin because I’d made it.  We had a nice chat and when I told him I was trying to do mosaic as a living – he asked for my business card!!  I was so nervous I grabbed a wad of them and handed him a bunch. :? It was like a dream to talk with him, he was so great!

I really had my mother-in-law to thank for the whole exchange.  I’m not good at self promotion, it was all due to her that he looked at my pin and found out I’d made it, I’m lucky to have her in my life!

We took our Oath in the ballroom with an orchestra and singer.  Also in attendance were the Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson, 26th Governor General, & John Ralston Saul.  It was incredibly emotional – I’m not an outward emotional type but got choked up & nearly teary.  Several other people around me were wiping their eyes as well.

yay for cake!

Once we all received our citizenship certificates it was time for food and fun!  We had a reception with cake, beverages and photo ops.  We were given a tour of Rideau Hall, even into in the green houses.  In all, we were there 5 hours!  My face was sore from smiling so much.

It’s easy to look back on life and make connections – but somehow I think I was always meant to be Canadian.  I grew up near Seattle and we got Canadian TV.  I watched (the original) Degrassi High and related to the kids on that show more than the USA tv shows.  We often visited BC growing up and as an adult I worked for a Canadian company where I first met my future husband.  Though if you’d told me at the time I was to marry him 14 years later I’d have never believed it.  He often tells me Canada is more suited to my personality.  He might be right, my Dad used to get mad at me for apologizing and saying “sorry” all the time.  😉

I’m well aware that my journey to this great country was a smooth and easy one.  I wasn’t fleeing any war or horror – it was only love that brought me here (or could have possibly gotten me to trade Florida heat for -30 c winters!).  But it doesn’t make my journey any less, I am so beyond proud to be Canadian and thrilled to know I can stay forever.  It is the best gift I could have received!

A bunch of pics from our day are below – there is a really cool one of me and the GG on his site, can’t post it here but you can go to this link – it is the 3rd pic in!


18 thoughts on “It’s official – I’m Canadian!

  1. What kind of oaths did you have to make and there are only 50 people that get a canadian citizenship at a time? Or is that in different areas?


    1. There is a oath we had to take, they gave us a little paper to read off of so we didn’t have to memorize it before hand. Basically we just had to pledge that we’re loyal to Canada and the Queen and vow that we’ll be good citizens. Think the number of people who attend and get citizenship varies by location. They hold ceremonies quite often too, think here in Ottawa it about once a month at least. We’re a fairly small city too, probably in places like Toronto or Vancouver they’re happening much more frequently with larger numbers.


  2. Congratulations for being a new citizen! This story made me feel a little prouder to be a Canadian 🙂

    What a special privilege to be selected to attend the citizenship ceremony with the GG, Have you already written a story about how/why you were selected for the honour?


    1. Thanks so much for the congrats! 🙂 and my apologies for a bit of delay in reply…
      It is so great to be Canadian for real now, makes me super proud too. Recently my new Canadian passport arrived and my excitement about it was over the moon! 🙂 Getting to attend the ceremony at Rideau Hall was, I believe, just luck of the draw. The timing of when I passed my test / when they were scheduling ceremonies + the fact that I was located here in Ottawa. It was a diverse group at the ceremony but think we all had passed our test around the same time and got an extra treat in terms of the ceremony.


      1. Funny … I think I know how you feel. I’ve been carrying a valid Canadian passport since I was 17 years old and even though I was born and raised as a Canadian, every time I get the renewal, I’m as excited as the first time 🙂

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  3. Congratulation, Mercedes! Very special indeed. I truly love Canada and her people. And I am particularly fond of Victoria, many happy memories from there. You had to study hard I’m sure, but the smile on your face says it was all worth it. 😀


    1. Thank you so much!! Victoria is so gorgeous, one of my favorite places in Canada too. 🙂 There was a ton of studying – but yes you’re right, totally worth it!! A side bonus of all that studying is that I actually know more about Canadian history now than my husband and don’t always lose in trivia questions anymore. 😀


  4. Wow ! Thank you, Mercedes. You are really nice with me. I love you. Real nice blog.


    Le 15/12/15, Mercedes Mosaics a écrit :

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  5. What a beautiful account of your special day! I love the photos telling the story with your words. Congratulations on your citizenship! My sister left the UK and made her home in Canada nearly 30 years ago – she has dual nationality, and it’s been a wonderful home for her and now her family too. Wishing you a wonderful life in Canada x


    1. Thank so much for leaving such a lovely comment!! That is neat to know you’re sister made her home here as well! It’s such a great place with great people. Nice she was able to keep both nationalities, they’re letting me do that too but apparently it isn’t always allowed.

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  6. Congratulations Mercedes! I am so impressed with Canada’s welcome to refugees! On a separate note – any chance I can convince you to go to SAMA in April?


    1. thanks for the congrats Beth! they really are doing a great job here with the refugees, it is a nice thing to see. I would have loved to go to SAMA this year – when I saw it was going to be in San Diego I was so excited. But then – the dates came out. Unfortunately we already have a trip bought and paid for during that exact time. We’d made arrangements for this trip back in May and can’t modify it now. 😦 Really wanted to go this year too = but it will have to wait till maybe next. Are you planning to go? It would be a really neat there in San Diego for sure!!


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