A bookmark, bottle stopper and purse hook walk into a bar…..

Posted: October 7, 2015 in Mosaic Work Update
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Ok – it’s no joke, I kind of need your help in the form of your opinion (it’s easy, you just vote in the poll below anonymously).  The studio is a mess right now working on some new accessories ahead of the holidays.  Normally – I just make jewelry like mosaic’d pendants, rings and cufflinks.  But, this year I picked up 3 other options to test out: a bookmark, a bottle stopper and a purse hook.  Each one has a recessed area to put a small mosaic.

Here they are in the pic below – I’m trying to decide which of them might be a good new offering but my libra indecision brain is having a hard time.  Frankly – because I like them all and have someone in my life for whom each one would make a perfect gift.

I’d love to solicit your opinion!  Vote in the poll for the ones you think are a good to add as a new sales offering (you can vote for more than one) and my libra brain will rest easy knowing it has some help on the way.  🙂







  1. passajer says:

    I like reading more than drinking, so for me it has to be the bookmark. My sheltered life has not introduced me to the purse hook yet so I’m really not too sure 🙂


  2. Mama says:

    My libra brain says yes to all, too. The bottle stopper and bookmark are more unisex. VR


  3. I can see far more people using the bookmark and bottle stopper than the purse hook (I have one which I never use). 🙂


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