Falling off the earth and landing back in a new studio!

Since mid-July I effectively fell off the face of the earth, not just here on the blog but everywhere in my personal life too.  I had little to no contact with most of my friends and family, and no social media.  Even mosaics suffered as I didn’t work on anything.  The reason for all this, a move that was much bigger than anticipated.

frogbox for fb

eco-friendly moving!

We moved houses within our same city, shouldn’t be a big deal but it was. From loads of packing – to movers that did not show up on moving day (!!) – to unpacking – to receiving 2 sets of visitors within a few weeks – to, right in the thick of it, receiving notice to come take my citizenship test (major stress 😮 )!

The new house, while lovely, came with many challenging puzzles that needed to be solved for us to be settled.  All this took up too much time and energy and there was nothing left over for mosaic, friends, communicating or anything really.

But I’m now ramping back up!

I’ve got a totally AWESOME(!) new studio in this house (pics below!), it is about ½ of the basement level – but don’t think dark dank basement.  Oh no, this basement has huge windows in it, lots of natural light and enough space to house all the mosaic supplies in one place.  I’ve never had this much space before and am crazy happy.

buddhaOne window looks into the backyard, but has a large dug out kind of rocky “pit” area – not horrible but not too exciting.  I decided to spice it up and built a little wooden platform that now houses a protection Buddha and a few other decorations.  It will be great to have Buddha watching over me as I work.  He’s a nice addition to the waving Pope Francis that sits on the worktable.  Along with Ozwald in a nearby chair – I’m well looked after in this new space!

Now that I’ve landed back on earth in this amazing studio and am ready to work and communicate again, I hope you’ll keep up with me and the new projects.  I’m working now on a new batch of jewelry for the upcoming holiday season then it will be back to some wall pieces and hopefully sculptures too!   Check back soon!


6 thoughts on “Falling off the earth and landing back in a new studio!

  1. wow! They say moving is one of the most stressful things in life, that couple with no show movers and visitors in quick succession must have made for crazy times! However your new place looks fantastic. I hope you have time to catch your breathe and enjoy! Let the creativity begin!


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