Concreting the Humanoid

1 empty room

Empty Mosaic Room

We are moving soon – so all my mosaic supplies have been packed up.  😦 It’s frustrating, especially now that most of the packing is done and we are just waiting till the actual move date.

I needed something to work on – so decided it was time to put concrete on a “humanoid” sculpture I’d made in a class with Sherri Warner Hunter in 2014.  You can see his initial creation in this old post or if you’re interested in a class on how to create these kind of armatures, check out Sherri’s site!

pic 2 for blog

pre-concrete on left – 1st coat in progress on right


Pre-concrete, he was a metal armature of rebar and wire mesh.  The concrete will be the layer to support future mosaic work.  During the first coat, I had to be careful not to squish it through the mesh but lay it on with just enough pressure so it stays.

After coat 1 dried, some parts reminded me of dried cactus wood!  As a kid I remember collecting cactus wood on trips to California, my humanoid’s arm in this stage brought up those old memories.  😀

arm cactus fb

1st concrete coat arm on left – dried cactus wood on right


Why a humanoid?
I started out with this sculpture wanting an abstract kneeling man – not a true to life man.  After I got his basic structure down and started wrapping him in wire mesh, decided he would be a “humanoid” alien.  Perhaps having come to this earth – but not doing well in our atmosphere – falling to his knees – outstretching his arms for help.

Pics below are of him after his 2nd coat of concrete.  I sculpted in some bits of basic face structure as well.  Eventually he’ll be mosaic’d – but that will be a project for a later date.  Was happy to get him fully coated before we moved, but he’s much heavier now – so perhaps that wasn’t the best plan after all!  Oh well, good thing we have strong movers coming to help!

6 thoughts on “Concreting the Humanoid

    1. My apologies for a terrible delay in replying – the move knocked me out of normal life (and offline) the past 2 months!! Thanks for your comment and actually – you were right, the move did bring about a bunch of (somewhat forced) creativity! 🙂 It may have been a good mental break too, forced me to think not at all of mosaic but other stuff, now that the move problems are over I’m flooded with mosaic ideas and dying to get back to work!


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