Sculpture in progress – what color for the other side?

May has been jam packed, took a little vacation, found out we have to move shortly 😦 and started a fun little mosaic sculpture workshop.

I got nervous driving it home, so I buckled it in for safety!!

I got nervous driving it home, so I buckled it in for safety!!

Decided to take the class as it was a different kind of sculpture technique than I’ve done before.  Plus it is great fun to be around others who love mosaic as much as me – kind of a rarity to find!

So here’s a few pics of my nutty little sculpture- it isn’t finished yet so don’t judge too harshly!  At the teacher’s request, can’t share pics of the process – but here’s some “in progress” of the mosaic part.

The color choice of material to cover it with was a little limited – first was going to go with brownish tones (something I never use) but then decided on a mix of purples with some fun white sparkly streaks.

I’d planned to do both sides purple – but now thinking maybe the opposite side a different color – perhaps black or maybe white.  It can sit many different ways – so depending on how it is displayed you will see the opposite side or parts of it.  Have to decide in the next 2 days though as we finish up on Saturday.

Do you have an opinion on what color the opposite side should be?  Let me know!  Write in a comment below – I’d love the input – it will help my indecisive Libra brain!!




27 thoughts on “Sculpture in progress – what color for the other side?

    1. my apologies for taking so long on your comment! was away, back at the workshop, finishing this up and working on another piece and just now getting back online. thank you so much for the lovely comment though, i truly appreciate you taking the time to write it! 🙂


  1. I haven’t got a clue about colour, but you should make a human size one, it would make an awesome garden bench. Have you heard of Parc Guell in Barcelona? If not, you must Google it, I think you’d love it! Mosaics galore all over walls, benches and giant lizards. Cheers.


    1. a human size one is a totally fantastic idea!! wow, i kind of really love that, and my husband will love you for suggesting it – he is always bugging me to do big pieces. 🙂 I have heard of the Parc Guell but never yet been able to visit in person – hopefully one day, the pics i’ve seen do look so amazing!


      1. that would be GORGEOUS! that is an awesome idea – sadly, i have no material in that color at home and the workshop place only has a tiny bit of that color (not enough to do the whole thing) tomorrow is the day we finish up, so no time to order – but i truly love your idea, that would have been a gorgeous combo!


    1. black was my first thought too – great minds think alike! 🙂 i do have some deep purple but not sure i have enough to cover everything on the back. it has been really fun to make, looking forward to coming up with more shapes on my own after the workshop! 🙂


  2. I wouldn’t dare giving any suggestion concerning the choice of color, but I would say, yes give that piece to your sister. She’s the one who inspired you.

    Your site is really beautiful, Mercedes. So interesting ! Congratulations !


    1. You have excellent taste in color – and in art, i’d absolutely listen to any suggestion you had! Thank you too, for the lovely compliment on the site – am glad to know that you in particular enjoy it!! (and yes, Diana did get that one mosaic 🙂 )


  3. I like the idea of lavender into grey, then move into dark purple, than black. It will be neat to see the finished product of your workshop!


    1. well that is fun – lavender into grey. i have grey – but think i don’t have any lavender. maybe i could use it on a future project, it is a great idea! i like the idea too of moving from one color into the next – it would work well on the flow-y shape!


    1. oooh – i kind of like that idea too! i have some fun pinks at home that i could take and use! that might be quite neat – my husband will complain it is too girly but maybe it could just live in my workshop where he wouldn’t have to see it much. 🙂

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