Red and Turquoise palate cleanser

Posted: April 29, 2015 in Geometricly Inspired, Mosaic Work Update
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Breaking my own rules already!  I’m supposed to only work on 3 series (Birch Trees, Op Art, Blocks), but this new one doesn’t fit!  It was done just after the first 3 “blocks” mosaics and I looked on it as a transition from the blocks to something else, a palate cleanser of sorts.  🙂

Mercedes Mosaics JR440 final

the original inspiration

The inspiration came from a ring I’d created with an amazing red glass and a strike of orange gold-leaf smalti that really caught the light.  I just loved it and wanted to use the colors again on a larger scale.

Mercedes Mosaics W550 in prog d

red & orange…not working, but red & turquoise…a winner!

The design came together nicely – some shooting ray type lines across a field of red – but when it came time to start putting the colors together, it didn’t work how I’d hoped.  On a small scale ring, the orange gold-leaf smalti is really noticeable – on a larger scale, it kind of got lost.

Searched for other color options and found one in a photo of a red and turquoise kimono. I grabbed some turquoise gold-leaf smalti, gave it try and it was perfect!  The background has a few bits of fun red/turquoise millefiori and a line of super-thin black, while the whole mosaic panel floats like an island on a painted backerboard.

It started out inspired by my ring, but in the end I started thinking of it as a scene from space – or maybe an atom exploding and particles moving out and away.  🙂

9.5″w x 17.5″ h, and both it and the ring are available in our shop!

  1. La Sabrosona says:

    Are you in Quebec? Turquoise is my absolute favourite colour. This mosaic is excelente! Love it.


  2. I love this! I’m fascinated by mozaic art but have no the patience to try it myself. 🙂


  3. Hi! I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! It is in my last post! Xxx


  4. Mama says:

    Wow, really like this one, too! Love the Indian blue and glad you do, too. Hope you have a wonderful vacation and see some inspirational critters under the sea and some interesting leaves on the trees. Enjoy a lolo while there.


    • thanks Mom! that blue is just so amazing isn’t it! my favorite – fear i use it too much sometimes but it is hard not to use it! thanks for the good vacation wishes too – of course under the water i’ll probably be inspired to use more blue! 😉


  5. jean-marc says:

    very cool design


  6. Diana says:

    I really like the color choices- that blue really does “pop”!


  7. Mercedes, Love the new mosaic. Can you tell me what the black background is? Not sure I understand. Is it painted hardibacker? Did you paint first and then glue on the painted surface?


    • Thanks Beth! The black background is painted wood – I put 2 wood layers together first to get the “island” look, am realizing I didn’t take a pic of it from the side but the mosaic part is raised up a bit from the rest of the back. Painted the part the mosaic went on black before mosaicing because it wasn’t going to be grouted. The the rest of the backing wood around the mosaic got painted at the very end.


  8. Pat Macy says:

    How COOL!


  9. says:

    Superbe, j’aime beaucoup. And Bonnes Vacances à vous deux ! Enjoy, Be happy !!!!! Jeannine


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