Turquoise & Silvery Grey Blocks

Posted: March 25, 2015 in Blocks, Geometricly Inspired, Mosaic Work Update
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This week’s post is all about the 3rd of the “blocks” series of mosaics that were created in late 2014.
A combo of 4 different types of smalti were used to create this piece.  Turquoise 24k gold leaf (a perennial love of mine!), silver 24k gold leaf, some really fun mexican grey iridescent and a bit of dark grey piastrina that I’d picked out of a big tub when I visited Orsoni in 2012.  I’ve been saving that dark grey for few years now, finally a project came along where it fit perfectly! 🙂

soft grey background in one light

soft grey background in one light (partial pic)

The bulk of the background is a grey iridescent – most of the time it just appears as a soft grey.  In some light though, when the sun hits it just right or you walk at an angle, there is a soft dance of other colors that appear and move.  Coupled with the way the light plays off of the turquoise gold, it makes for a very pretty sight.

Just loved this combo of colors – always love that turquoise, but putting it with the grey this time made a nice change from black.  It is softer, different.

Like all in the blocks series, the different panels are set at different heights – to give a bit of fun dimension for the eye as you move around it.

a bit of colorful iridescence in the grey in a different light

a bit of colorful iridescence in the grey in a different light

The blocks series has been one of my most favorite things to do, this piece wraps up the ones that I worked on in the last half of 2014 but it will not be the end of the series by far.  I’ve been working on new designs the past couple of months and have several more plans for new pieces to come in the “blocks” format.  I’m so excited by this direction and can’t wait to work on more of them!

The size of this mosaic – framed – is 11 1/4″ x  27 1/4″ and it is available for sale in our shop!

final face on

  1. Turquoise is always nice and I love how you spread it through the designs without overpowering the art.


  2. Diana says:

    Beautiful colors. I think this one is my favorite in the series.


  3. jean-marc says:

    the concept of steps/blocks is very creative and interesting ! The blue lines are very nice.


    • Thank you Jean-Marc! glad to hear you like the blocks concept – it is my new favorite bit of inspiration, so check back with me in a few months and i should have some new ones to show you!


  4. I just love this piece – especially how it changes in different lights. What substrate did you use?


    • thanks Beth! it is done on a wood substrate – the changing in the different light really makes it fun, love to watch it change during the day (it currently lives above my tv for us to enjoy before it finds a new home 🙂 )


  5. Laurie says:

    Simply beautiful. I love the colors and the free-flowing design…


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