Didn’t tray it, framed it!

Posted: December 12, 2014 in Geometricly Inspired, Square Optical Illusion
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Earlier in the summer I posted the entry  ( To tray it or not to tray it? )  about a neat little geometric optical illusion mosaic I’d made.  It was initially going to go inside a black serving tray, but after completing the mosaic portion in the reverse method I was having a hard time deciding if it should go in the tray or if it maybe should be a stand alone framed piece.

I got some good feedback on it including many folks who liked the idea of it as a table.  It was a little small to make into a table (just under 11″ x 11″), but I may revisit that idea later and make a bigger one.

corner shot

fun angular frame

After it sat on my floor for a few more months and I went back and forth on the best plan, ( I’m a Libra, making decisions isn’t our strong suit! 😀 ) eventually I ended up deciding to frame it.  Recently, I’d found a great little framing company and they had this modern frame with an angular shape that I thought would add an extra bit of fun to the mosaic.

Think the right decision was made to not tray it, but frame it.  The blue / black combo is quite pretty and when the light hits it you get a ton of other colors coming out in the blue portion thanks to the iridescent finish on the tiles.  There’s the fun play on your eyes with the illusion too, especially as you move around it to different angles.

It isn’t up on our website yet, but will be going into our Shop!  portion in the new year.  Pictures are below…hope you like it!  In an upcoming blog – I’ll share with you what I ended up doing with the tray that this didn’t go into.

  1. […] Didn’t tray it, framed it! […]


  2. Awesome! so interesting, I love mosaics!


  3. Diana says:

    Love the colors and the design.I think that it works quite nicely as a framed piece.


  4. jm says:

    The various geometries are fascinating — including the frame itself. Nice work !


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