3 views of a Geisha – Feet

With the rebuild of our main website to host the new shop functionality ( lots of great mosaic jewelry in there that makes awesome holiday gifts btw!! 🙂 ) the Geisha kind of got side tracked, so let’s get her finished up!

my very own feet in a pair of tabi!

my very own feet in a pair of tabi!

The last panel in the 3 views of a Geisha is of a bit of her feet and the bottom of her kimono.  She’s wearing the tabi (white socks with the split toes) and geta (the raised up clog/flip-flop type wooden shoe).  I just love those socks (even though they felt weird on my feet) – it is a part that draws me in for some reason – and wish I’d bought a pair when I had the chance in Tokyo.

So many pictures that I saw of women in the tabi and geta – their feet were often kind of going over the edges, so for mine – her’s are too!  Perhaps it is the way she’s leaning, perhaps they’re a little too small, not sure the reason why.

You might notice on my original drawing on the wood, I’d picked a fairly traditional looking flower design for the kimono.  But when it came time to do it – I just didn’t want her to have such a traditional flower.  I looked up some information on kimonos and discovered there was a time in the early 1900’s called the Taisho period when kimono patterns became a bit more modern looking.  Using stripes and other non-traditional patterns.

Because of this, I felt it would be ok to take some liberties and kind of came up with my own little design.  It is still flower reminiscent – in fact after I played around with the pattern it looked lotus-y to me a little bit.  So not too crazy in terms of a modern design – but not the normal, cherry blossom type flower you expect.

Now all 3 are complete!  Below are the progress pics of the feet – and a final pic of all 3 views together.  On to the next mosaic challenge!

6 thoughts on “3 views of a Geisha – Feet

  1. Vraiment magnifique. I love it. Really nice. Those feet are unique. And I do love that Japanese woman. Isn’t she beautiful ?

    Congratulations and keep on going, Mercedes, we need great artists like you.

    Jeannine Cardinal


    1. thanks! i wanted to do a geisha – but didn’t want to do a standard full body, then got to thinking about the parts I liked best and found most interesting and that’s how this idea of 3 separate ones came about!


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