Here we go! Online store is open!

Posted: November 3, 2014 in Mosaic General
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Happy to announce that Mercedes Mosaics now has an online store! The website has been redesigned with the ability to sell products, is now live and you can find it here:

We’ve got a shop section where you’ll find the items currently for sale and a portfolio section that includes all work, even sold stuff. It’s exciting that I’ve already had a few sales in my first couple of days live.

I’m nervous as all heck about this –but at the same time happy to start realizing a long held dream.
A few years ago I got rid of 98% of my possessions before moving to a new country. I’d owned a home, so there was a lot of accumulated stuff to go through.iwouldlikeI came across a workbook from probably 1st grade. It was a touchy-feely “you are unique” kind of thing. You filled out your dreams and what you wanted your life to be like. All throughout it there were places where I’d written, I want to be an artist. I love art. Art, art, art.

It really struck me.  My 1st grade self knew exactly what I wanted to be. And frankly – that desire never changed.

But my growing up environment didn’t support being an artist as a career.  My Dad was a numbers and sports kind of guy, fun for him was playing with a calculator.  He liked art – but didn’t understand a creative person or that need. He put me on sports teams (I was quite a hyper kid so I see his point to run out the energy!) and math or computer lessons, but never art lessons. Both my parents encouraged a traditional career, both encouraged going to university – getting a good solid safe job. These aren’t bad things – but it told me “artist” was a hobby and influenced me to not choose a creative path.anartistI ended up with a successful career developing computer programs – though I didn’t get there through university. I fell into it after working for some wonderful people as an assistant – they gave me opportunities to play in a database – and I taught myself how to program on a small scale at first and eventually it bloomed into very large scale systems. I came into that career through the backdoor – I wasn’t formally trained, didn’t have a degree, but I had a lot of years of strong success. While there was creativity in that field for me – it wasn’t totally fulfilling.

After running across that 1st grade workbook and seeing my answers about wanting to be an artist – it struck me – you’ve got to give this a chance. You knew what you wanted when you were little – start to work toward it now. That was several years ago, but here today I’m finally taking a little step in that direction. Again – I’m taking a stab at having a (dare I say it?) career by coming through the backdoor. No degree, I didn’t go to art school, but hopefully I’ll have a similar success!

Wish me luck on this new online store venture! And stay tuned to the blog – I have also been working on a new direction with some pretty cool new mosaic projects that will have postings coming soon!because

  1. Crooked Tracks says:

    Wonderful to follow your dreams 🙂


  2. Pat Macy says:

    I love that you are following your true passion Mercie. How many people never do that?? So excited for you. Now to check it out…fun.


  3. Diana says:

    I am so proud of you. It is never too late to pursue your passion. You are a very talented mosaic artiste and I am looking forward to seeing more of your creativity flow.


  4. Your work is really beautiful!


  5. jm says:

    Great jewelry selection. Some cool Xmas gifts in there.

    Liked by 1 person

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