3 views of a Geisha – Neck

The back of the neck is thought to be a sensual area in traditional Japanese standards and highlighting it is considered to be very beautiful.  The white makeup in stark contrast to her dark hair, beautiful kimono and bit of unpainted skin in a V shape, I couldn’t resist choosing this portion of her to be one of the 3 views.

Technically – this 2nd of my 3 parts of a Geisha is most likely not a full Geisha – but a Maiko, or apprentice Geisha. Why is that? From what I’ve read, the first collar being red on the neck usually signifies that she is a Maiko – or “Geisha in training”. It wasn’t necessarily my intention to make this panel more of a Maiko – but after looking at tons of pictures, I’d liked the look of the red against the neck and had created mine that way then discovered the potential meaning! As the Maiko progresses to a full Geisha, her collar turns from red to white.

As for her kimono mainly being a turquoise blue – I just loved that blue and wanted to use it! I know it isn’t the most traditional look – but it is my Geisha (or Maiko!) and this is the color I envisioned for her.

I’m not sure I ever think too much about what the back of me looks like – but probably I should take a lesson and make sure it is as pretty and interesting as the front, like these gorgeous women!

Next up – her feet!

6 thoughts on “3 views of a Geisha – Neck

  1. Lovely color choices here- and that is not just because I am partial to purples! Interesting fact about part of the neck not being painted.


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