3 views of a Geisha

Posted: July 30, 2014 in 3 views of a Geisha
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Last fall I was fortunate enough to go on a trip to Asia and I guess it was inevitable that some influence from the trip would come out in my mosaics. We visited several places, but the #1 on my list had been Japan. Japan is fascinating to me in so many ways – love the fashion, love the design, love how the people are, love the food(!), and for as long as I can remember have loved not only the look but also the history of the Geisha.

When we were in Japan, I’d had the fantastic opportunity to be “made-up” as a Geisha.  It was all the traditional heavy make up, the many many layers of clothing and padding to form the ideal shape, the fun adornments for the hair. The weight of the clothes and the feel of the makeup gave me an entirely new appreciation for the Geisha.

It kept swirling around my head long after we returned home, the feel of those layers of fabric and makeup – so decided a Geisha mosaic would have to be made! But I didn’t want to do just a single full body design. Instead I thought about individual parts and their beauty. In the end I picked 3 parts of the Geisha that I felt were beautiful and unique to them, a face – a view on the back of the neck and top of the kimono – and a view of the feet and bottom of a kimono.

The 3 panels could certainly be positioned together on a wall – but the idea was they could all also stand alone and still be interesting / beautiful by themselves.

Going to start working on the panel with the face first so check back next week and see how she’s coming along!

  1. Diana says:

    I enjoy when you share the process of the pieces from start to finish. Are you basing the colors on these pieces on your portrait session?


    • thanks Diana! it is kind of fun to share the process. i looked at my pics for some inspiration – but in the end, no – went with completely different colors. one thing that did help from my pics/dress-up thing though…i never realized before having it done that they put some red makeup in the eyebrows, so my mosaic Giesha will have that! 🙂


  2. You’re lucky to have seen Japan. I’d love to go there!


  3. jm says:

    Neat story


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