To tray it or not to tray it?

Posted: June 19, 2014 in Geometricly Inspired, Mosaic Work Update, Square Optical Illusion
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Lately I’ve really been fascinated with optical illusions. Not sure why – but geometric shapes and patterns really attract me, add in an optical illusion and it is just the bee’s knee’s in my humble opinion! 🙂

I had a 2nd serving tray floating around the house. I’d repainted it black and it was just calling out to be mosaic’d so I decided to play with the idea of a geometric shaped optical illusion design. I’d never done one in mosaic before and wanted to see how it wouldIMG_2738 work out.

A nice solid black vitreous glass with a good sheen that isn’t too glossy was paired with this amazing blue that has an iridescent surface that changes as you move around it.

The mosaic part got finished – it is being done in an indirect method so it will be even surfaced when it is put in the tray – but now I’m in a quandary. To tray it or not to tray it???

I really loved how it turned out. It almost seems a shame to stick it in a tray. Should I put it on a board and make it wall hanging instead? Or put this one in the tray – and maybe make a 2nd, bigger one that is a wall hanging?

For now – it lies on the floor awaiting a decision.

Speaking of floors – wouldn’t it be so cool if you had a square shaped room to do something like this on the floor?? Or a tabletop? So much fun!!


  1. […] in the summer I posted the entry  ( To tray it or not to tray it? )  about a neat little geometric optical illusion mosaic I’d made.  It was initially going to […]


  2. This is awesome. Yes, it would have been cool to have a table like that.


  3. no worries about the wait, I too have been distracted with activities. It’s a gift…and a curse. Good luck with your work and please show me a photo if you decide to do that coffee table idea.


    • “it’s a gift…and a curse” 😉 that little quote made me smile. absolutely will show a pic if it goes the coffee table route – it is kind of small so am thinking of maybe doing a bigger one now


  4. Pretty cool. Maybe I’m a little “monk-ish” but I, too, love geometrically organized shapes….something about the order and simple complexity of it all. Throw in an optical illusion and bam! As for the mosaic, I dig the idea of mounting it on the wall but u might want to think about laying it under glass to use as a coffee table. It’s like a built-in conversation piece!

    By the way, thanks for the comment on my meetup post. If you enjoyed the Ramen photos, perhaps you’d enjoy making your own via:

    Take Care – BTL


    • apologies for being so behind on replying, got a bit slacker with the blog, but wanted to say thanks for the comment! i love that you referenced being a little “monk-ish”, that is my favorite tv show and my husband says he thinks it is because i too share those monk-like traits! lol! i really love your idea of putting it under glass as a coffee table, the idea totally rocks. am going to noodle on that, size, etc, but think it may become a future project!
      thanks for that link too! cool stuff!!


  5. Crooked Tracks says:

    I love optical illusions. I would put that on my desk as an inspiration to be more creative 🙂


    • am quite behind in replying but wanted to say thanks for the comment! actually ended up putting it temporarily on a little stand to enjoy it and it has inspired the color choice for a different project!


  6. JM says:

    I vote for a elevated dining table “center piece”.


  7. Diana says:

    Wow! There is so much movement in that piece. I believe it deserves to be on a wall, where it can play tricks on the viewer’s mind.


    • it is only 11″ x 11″ – am liking the idea of it on the wall too so it would change as you moved by it – but am wondering if just a little bit bigger would be nicer, like maybe 15″ square or so….


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