Funky little geometric tray

Just a quick project to share with you this week.

I had bought a couple of serving trays on clearance after the holidays and decided to repaint them and stick a mosaic in at least one of them.

Geometric shapes and patterns seem to attract me so much, so I decided to go that route for the tray. While I adore figures and designs that are more of a real “thing” (like a flower), I’ve been realizing that I often have more fun when working on a geometric or non-real-thing design.

Years ago – before I understood quantities of tiles very well – I’d ordered way too many of these creamy-shimmery tiles. Decided to use some of my ever present supply of those (they’re almost gone, only 2.5 bags left!) and paired them with a lovely iridescent purple vitreous glass that I also had on hand. Stuck it all in the mid-tone grey painted tray and grouted in a nice mid-grey as well.  The tiles have a lovely quality to them in that in low light they just look purple and cream but with a little light on them the iridescence comes out and they’re multi-colored, shimmery and almost blend together.

It was fun and quick to do. Sometimes we all need a fun and quick project. 🙂

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