The 2 best classes I’ve ever taken.

Been MIA lately, but gearing up now for a summer of mosaic!  We’ll be posting more often so be sure to keep checking in!  First though – want to share with you all about 2 amazing classes I took this past April!

Sitting with Sherri on one of her phenomenal creations!

Sitting with Sherri on one of her phenomenal creations!

I had the most fantastic opportunity to take 2 classes in creating 3-D sculpture bases with Sherri Warner Hunter at her studio in Tennessee.  She is well known for creating amazing 3-D mosaic sculptures, she’s also written a few books on creating concrete sculptures, so I was super excited to be learning from her.

In class #1 we learned how to sculpt Styrofoam, then cover it in mesh and concrete for strength. We started with 18” x18” cubes of foam, then had fun learning to use the hot tools (knives & wires) and other non-hot tools to form the block.  I created a round-ish shape with some bevel-y parts to it. (pics below) I like it, but am not sure yet how I’ll mosaic it.

The 2nd class was building armatures from metal.  I’d thought the foam would be my favorite, but turns out – it was the metal!  I absolutely LOVED bending the re-bar, cutting it, tying it together and seeing my figure come to life.  Inspired by a piece in Sherri’s yard – I created a kneeling humanoid with outstretched arms. He was a challenge, but his metal parts got finished and next he’ll get concrete and mosaic. (pics below) I totally love him – he’s not fully “human”, but maybe he’s alien-esque? Dropped to earth and struggling in our atmosphere, reaching out for help?  I don’t quite know his story yet!

We also visited a scrap metal yard during the class and much to my husband’s horror I dragged home several pounds of “treasures”. Funniest part of that field trip – a man drove up in his giant truck, saw me standing in the parking lot and yelled to me: “Honey! You’ve come to a man’s candy store” 😀

It was all simply the best, Sherri was so generous with her knowledge and I am thrilled to have these new skills.  Meeting my fellow classmates was the cherry on top of all this! I am quite isolated where I live in terms of other people who like what I like – getting to be around others who are mosaic creative types, it was a dream to share the time and experience with them. I was truly sad to leave them all.

Long entry this time! Check out pictures of the class projects below – next week I’ll share with you some new mosaic work!


6 thoughts on “The 2 best classes I’ve ever taken.

  1. It is always a joy to follow your mosaic adventures. Looking forward to seeing how you man turns out…I like the alien idea!


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