You know that old saying ” a cobbler’s children have no shoes “, well my poor husband had no mosaic.  He’d requested one specifically a year and half ago.  But his project kept getting pushed to the side.  Finally it was his turn.  He had to wait so long…I really hoped it would be worth it.

Thankfully it was worth it and he was thrilled.  He had requested a giant version of the Shimmery Squares that I’d done at Orsoni – that were based on a project I’d seen there.  But I didn’t want to copy the same thing.  I presented him with several alternate ideas, some with a tiny bit of raised area to give a little 3-D effect, he picked one idea he liked and we went with it.

The end result is 3 squares, a little off-set, with the smallest square being slightly raised from the other two.  It is made from blue and green gold smalti and is so shimmery and neat when the sun hits it!  The pieces are laid with the outside square horizontal, mid square vertical and inner square horizontal – it is really hard to get a good pic of this – but here’s a few shots below.

We’re going to go radio-silent for the next month or so.  Heading south to take a class that hopefully will give me skills to add a new dimension to the mosaics then getting in a little R&R after that with the husband.  Check back with us in May and hopefully I’ll have some fun bits to share with you!

8 thoughts on “Square³

  1. Gorgeous! I really like the change in the direction of the squares and that you offset the design. What are the dimensions of the finished piece? Can’t wait to hear about what you learn at your workshop!


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