Birch with a bit of 3-D

So I stuck with what I said in an earlier blog posting and did actually make a little series of 3 out of the Birch Trees at Night idea.  For the 3rd one though, I wanted to make it just a little different.  Still run on the same theme, use the same colors – but make it a little different somehow.

IMG_2179 (632x800)

the beloved mitre saw 😉

The somehow different came in the form of adding a bit of 3-D.  I love 3-D mosaic stuff.  I’ve done a little bit in the past, but not a lot.  A trip to the local hardware store for some various bits of wood – a few cuts with the mitre saw ( which I adore using and want to find every excuse in the world to cut something with it!!!  <–my Dad would have been so proud of that statement  🙂 )  and I had some bits that I could glue to my wedi board and make it so my trees weren’t all just flat on the same surface.

The indecisive Libra in me took quite a long time playing with different layout ideas, but in the end settled on a set of 5 trees in 3 different widths and also 3 different heights.  Here’s just a few “in-progress” pics, next week I’ll show you the final outcome!

6 thoughts on “Birch with a bit of 3-D

  1. I like the idea of the 3-D. That with the gunmetal mirror should make a stunning effect. Looking forward to viewing the finished piece.


    1. Thanks! That was a thought in my head initially too, that perhaps not just will I get the nice 3-D outward effect but also it will reflect a bit and give even extra dimension. You’ll have to be sure to check back next week and see! 😉


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