Bronze Beauty

2014 has had a creative start, but mostly in the realm of my old life as an IT developer!  Been working not just on the Mercedes Mosaics site, but also others.  A bit of non-mosaic promotion here..if you like tea and live in Canada, check out the country’s newest online tea retailer!  Thé du Dragon ( ) specializes in mostly organic teas and ships country-wide, for now their website is only in French but they can answer any inquires in English too, their tea is amazing!!

the magpie in me can't resist this sparkly bronze!

the magpie in me can’t resist this sparkly bronze!

Ok, back to mosaics….
Because of all this computer focus – I’ve not blogged on some completed mosaic projects and intend to rectify that over the next few weeks!  First up – a little Bronze Beauty as I’ve come to call it!

A fantastic mix of bronze colored gold in different shades and heights was calling to me from the cabinet.  Finally I couldn’t resist anymore and decided to do something quick and graphic in nature.  A quilt pattern I’d seen online provided the inspiration.  I offset the cut bronze triangles so they’re not just flat and will catch the light and reflect nicely.  Originally I was going to use black for the in-between portion but it was too heavy.  A bit of frustration occurred but my local Home Depot came through with a nice translucent uber-dark brown/black with some copper fleck in it.  Perfect!

Next up, a bigger sized project, so check back in with us next week to see what it will be!

6 thoughts on “Bronze Beauty

  1. Save this one for me! That means dibs. Will look lovely in my new craft room.
    From the old block from whom the chip fell.


    1. 🙂 glad to know you liked it! i just adore the gold smalti in all the colors it comes it – think if i could work just with that all the time i would be in heaven! you always liked shiny pretty things too – guess that is where i got it from!


  2. Love the reflections that the mosaic makes as the sunlight hits- beautiful. I really like the idea of using a quilt pattern for inspiration. Perhaps you could do a whole mosaic “quilt” built out of individually framed blocks?


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