A New Look

The latest project isn’t an actual mosaic but it is related and I’m excited to share it after working on it for several weeks!


Backdrop of reclaimed barn wood

There is a sister site to the blog ( http://www.mercedesmosaics.com ) that houses pictures of almost all of my pieces.  Originally it was created to share pictures of the mosaics with my friends & family who all live about 4800 kilometers from me.  The original site was designed years ago and since at the time it was just for sharing with friends, it was less serious looking, less organized and frankly, a bit clunky.

I’ve been getting lots of ( polite ) pressure from these same friends and family to move in a more serious direction with the mosaics.  While this is also a dream of mine, it is kind of a scary thing when you’re a bit of an introvert type, so I’ve put them off for a bit.  However, in November the hosting company of my site gave me an offer for a much better web plan.  I decided to look on this offer as a little nudge to get me going and figured rebuilding and rebranding of the website could be the first step in a more serious direction!

The past couple of months I’ve thought out the design of the site, come up with a little logo, built a photo backdrop from some reclaimed barn wood then took some better looking / better lit pictures of my work, and started laying the foundation to start presenting some of these pieces for sale (though we aren’t to the sale part quite yet, it is coming soon though!)

So check out the site!  http://www.mercedesmosaics.com  Hope you like the look and feel and if you have any feedback please do let me know!

8 thoughts on “A New Look

  1. The site looks great, Mercedes. In Chrome some formatting issues on the About page, where you’re listing the courses taken. I’ll be interested in coming back when the store is open!



    1. Thanks Chris for the nice words! And thanks for letting me know about the Chrome issue – I will look into it, had tested the site on a bunch of different devices but must have missed one with Chrome.


  2. The new website is fantastic. Very professional. Your mosaic work is original and beautiful and I can’t wait to say, “I knew her when…”


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