Mercedes, mirror warrior

Posted: December 9, 2013 in Birch Trees at Night
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All the white birch tessera are on the Wedi board!

Next step will be to start in on the background.  It is this neat kind of gunmetal mirror with a bit of a wave in it, nothing crazy wavy, just a suttle bit.  Also in the background is a bit of this dark translucent purple.  You don’t see it as “purple” once it is surrounded by the gunmetal mirror and embedded in the black thinset – it just becomes a dark space in the background, not solid black but not purple, just dark space.

For the mirror though, this time, I decided I should try sealing it.  Haven’t ever bothered to do this step before and have never had any problems with mirror use – but I’d read there is potential that not sealing cut mirror edges can lead to a breakdown of the backing / reflective part of the mirror.  So – I cut out a bunch of bits, laid them all out on a table – donned my handy respirator mask because I was at the time having allergy issues I didn’t want to exacerbate – and went to town with the sealant spray!

Think perhaps I should make this picture below my profile picture on all my social network sites – what do you think?  😉   Next week – I’ll show you how the background and finished mosaic look!

010 (2)

Getting ready to attack about 1 million little mirror pieces with sealant spray!

  1. jm says:

    funny pic !!!


  2. Diana says:

    I am glad you have someone looking out for your safety! Looking at that nice, plush, green lawn makes me long for spring…


  3. pat macy says:

    WOW, looks like you are prepared……Aunt Pat


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