No, it isn’t Déjà vu

Earlier this year, I made a little 8” x 8” project called Birch Trees at Night.  Initially I just meant for it to be a quick little project that would put to use some dark grey wavy mirror that didn’t work out on another piece.  I’d thought that little 8 x8 would look nice, but in the end it looked way better than I’d envisioned.  In person it really has a “wow” factor to it and I fell in love.

So – I’ve decided to do a little series of different sizes and shapes but on the same theme.  The next project in the hopper may look familiar but will be a little different – a nice long version of the birch trees.   It will be 8” x 36”, I’ve modified the pattern a bit and transferred it to the Wedi board.  The same 4 shades of white + the dark grey wavy mirror + the dark translucent purple will be used again.

It is a really interesting size and quite possible that this one has the potential to come out with even more “wow” factor.  If you can’t tell, I’m kind of excited by this one :-), I’ve wanted to be working in much bigger formats for awhile now.  This will be a bit of a foray into that larger sizing – though the 8” portion isn’t so big, the length is much longer than I’ve done before.  Next week’s blog will contain some of the initial in-progress pics so be sure to check back in!


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