Didn’t fall off the face of the earth, just flew around it.

New Workroom!

New Workroom!

My neglect at the blog is terrible!  It has been so long it must have seemed like I fell off the face of the earth!  The past few months have been chock full of so many other life happenings that the blog and mosaic kind of went on the back burner.

When I last left you – the mosaic room was getting packed up for moving to the new house.  The move went well and a brand new mosaic room, complete with new worktable and storage unit, was set up.  This new workroom is amazing!  It is on a 2nd floor, has a great window with fantastic afternoon sun, a comfy chair for Ozwald to be while I work and walls loaded with fun photos and tchotchkes from my travels.  My first few days of working in here were pure joy – it is the perfect place!

Speaking of travels, one reason for my absence from the blog – in addition to the move – was a great big adventure to Asia.  Having never been, much time was spent planning and organizing ahead of time so that I could see the most in a limited amount of days.  Visiting Tokyo was a dream come true, I love Japan related books and have long had a fascination with the culture of the country.  Could write about 7 blog postings on that part of the trip alone!  We also got to visit Hong Kong and were totally fascinated by the street markets.  A quick visit to Singapore gave another taste of Asia and I actually braved up over my fear of high edges and swam to the edge of the infinity pool at the Marina Bay Sands, 57 stories in the air!  Finally the trip wrapped up with a visit into rural Indonesia for some amazing scuba diving.  We saw some sea anemone there that blew my mind – and make me want to re-visit making 3-D sculptures of anemones to mosaic.  Our flights there and home had us circumnavigate the globe, a first for me!

It has been a busy few months, but now, with the new room all in order and finally recovered from our 40 hour trek home, I’m ready to ramp back up and spend the winter mosaicing my heart out!  New projects have gotten started – and new blogs will come again more regularly, so please stick with me and check back next week when I’ll share the start of the next mosaic!

4 thoughts on “Didn’t fall off the face of the earth, just flew around it.

  1. The new mosaic room looks bright and cheerful- what a lovely place to create! It appears that Ozwald has the best seat in the house- he is one lucky Frenchie! Looking forward to seeing new creations. Do you have plans to put your jewelry pieces on Etsy or another such site?


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