Birch trees at night

birch option 1I have been obsessed with birch trees since coming to Canada.  I know, I know, it should be the beloved Canadian Maple but as much as I adore the syrup it produces the Birch beats the Maple in my fascination.

I love the bark on these trees, the variations in the white you might find, the shape of the trees and how they grow.

Decided to do a quick little 8” x 8” project and use up some dark gunmetal grey wavy mirror that had been a part of some tests I was working on that hadn’t panned out.  I poked around on the internet looking at pics of trees and such and decided on a simple set of birch done in several different whites with this dark grey background studded with a very dark purple every now and again.

It came together quickly and I am so happy with the result.  Am now going to expand on this idea – do a little series potentially, make a bigger one maybe in a different format, change the design a bit.  Not totally sure yet, but you may see more on this theme in the future.  For now though, here is the 8 x 8 for your viewing pleasure!

birch 4

**special thanks to public domain pictures for the photo of the actual birch at the top of this post

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