Packing up the workroom

We’ve been a little MIA here lately at the Mercedes Mosaics blog – but it has been for good reason.  We’re needing to move out of our current house – and were doing some serious searching for new accommodations – it took up most all of my free time in May & June!

Now I’m working on packing up the mosaic workroom.  It has been a very large job, hadn’t realized just how much material I’d amassed.  It is uber-heavy stuff, the movers will likely be cursing me as they have to lift my boxes of tiles.  I was cursing this blasted art form myself a bit when I pulled my back lifting the boxes!  Why oh why couldn’t I have been drawn to painting or needlepoint or something else much lighter-weight and easier to pack!

It hasn’t all been boring packing though – I did manage to finish a quick little mosaic project, as a little incentive for you to revisit the blog – I’ll tease you with these thoughts, I absolutely love this little project and am considering making a series based on it – but you’ll have to check back next week to see a picture of it!

Also, we celebrated Canada Day here!  Lucky enough I get to live in the Nation’s capitol where we have the best celebration, got to have my picture taken on Parliament Hill with Mounties and watch the most amazing fireworks display ever and feel very thankful to call this fantastic country home.

Don’t forget to check back in next week for the pic of the latest project!

mercie and the mounties 2


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