Shiny / Pretty pendants

Posted: May 14, 2013 in Pendants
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This week’s pendants differ from the slate ones, they are much more shiny / pretty.  The bezels that I found are really nice and deep-set with a fantastic shiny silver finish.  They worked perfectly with several different types of glass.

It was never my intention to make so many – but I started doing them and they were really kind of a fun, quick bit of gratification.  Normally the mosaic projects take a fair amount of time from start to finish with the planning, executing, etc..  But these, I could sit down with a pile of glass in front of me and just play and create without any pre-planning.  I just went with where the glass took me!

Below is a first little set of pictures to share with more to come in another posting.  Click on one to enlarge the gallery.  Be sure to check back next week – and I’ll show you what beauty can come from garbage….(don’t worry, its’ not gross!)

  1. Michele Weintraub says:

    I love the ones that have the tiny pebbly pieces in them. The one on the bottom right, and the aqua square on the bottom. Beautiful.


    • thanks Michele! think the tiny pebbly ones might be my favs too – that bottom right one at first I didn’t think much of it then I started wearing it with a bunch of stuff and now it is a favorite. 🙂


  2. Diana says:

    I liked the stone pieces- they were pretty in their own way. These are beutiful as well. They really cpture the light. When and where are you going to sell these pieces? Can’t wait to have one for my own! How long are the chains that the pendants hang from?


    • thanks Diana! not sure when/where/if for selling yet, but am considering/working on that! the chains are 18″ for these shiny/pretty ones but they would look nice on a longer chain too.


  3. JM says:

    stunning geometric designs and colors. I really like the black ones… very elegant.


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