Inspiration from the kitchen!

The first of the pendant updates is here – this will likely be a 3-parter – I’ve made about 25!

This first set is nothing at all like the rest of them.  It is a little rustic, a little tough looking, while the rest to come are much more shiny / pretty.  So if these don’t float your boat and shiny / pretty is more your thing, check back with us next week!

kitchen counter

my kitchen counter from florida

In Florida, I had a home that was about 87 years old, it wasn’t in good shape when I got it but I spent many years lovingly restoring it.  The last project was the kitchen, it took me 8 years to get to it and when the time came I had plenty of design ideas.  The contractor helping with cabinets and counters insisted that I must get granite countertops – that was the ONLY way to go, the only choice that would be acceptable for resale.  Except, I hated it, and after waiting 8 years for a nice kitchen I was determined to stick to my guns and have a beautiful tile countertop.

I picked out this amazing slate tile.  Oh gosh was it pretty, and in the end my contractor loved it too.  During the installation I gathered up some of the garbage bits of slate that they’d cut off, figuring someday maybe I’d use them in a mosaic.  4 years later – along came these rectangular pendants.  While playing around I decided to try a piece of the slate in one.  The mix of the stone and the kind of weathered metal appealed to me – then mixing in some slightly iridescent pearly glass and a couple of special pieces of Orsoni gold in gold / copper / blue-grey and I had something I really liked.

I envision these on a nice long chain, and have made chains for 2 of them.  I’ve worn one out and about and gotten positive feedback so far – without the people knowing that I’d made it.  Not sure if more of these will get made, but I like the little set  that I did come up with.  Next week – I’ll show you some of the shiny / pretty ones!  🙂

6 thoughts on “Inspiration from the kitchen!

  1. I love the story behind the materials. I also appreciate that you turned a scrap destined for the landfill into something beautiful to wear and enjoy for years to come. Nice work!


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