The changing landscape

my neighbour's flowers finally appearing!

my neighbour’s flowers finally appearing!

Ahhh, spring has finally arrived here!  Returned from California to see the snow melting, only to get 2 more helpings of it the following week, but today it is a blissful 14⁰C and all the snow is truly gone till next winter.  (never thought this Florida girl would think 14⁰C was blissful!)

The landscape here at the blog has changed a bit too!  A new template was installed that gives more room width-wise for the entries and jazzes up the background a bit.  Our other site ( will undergo some changes as well in the near future, a little consolidation and maybe add some new fun features!

Also came back from California to find my French class giving a great big evaluation to us all.  I, along with 4 other classmates, passed and after 18 months in the course have graduated!  The graduation was bittersweet, nice to know I have the skills but sad to leave my group of fellow immigrants and teacher that had become so much a part of my daily routine.  Going to look into another program and hopefully will find a class offered at a higher level somewhere.

A nasty little virus was contracted after California too – no not in my body, but in another very vital life system, my computer.  Much effort has been put into place eradicating the nuisance.  With all that has been going on, not too much time has been spent on mosaics to give you a proper update just yet, but – a mosaic update will be forthcoming shortly!  Pics of some of the completed pendants will be posted early next week, so stay tuned my friends, many changes are afoot this bright spring season!!

Ozwald enjoying the sun outside finally after a long winter

Ozwald enjoying the sun outside finally after a long winter

graduation with my teacher, she is so tiny - I feel like a giant next to her!

graduation with my teacher, she is so tiny – I feel like a giant next to her!


5 thoughts on “The changing landscape

  1. Looking forward to seeing the pendants! Gosh, your teacher must be only 4’10” tall, because you are certainly not a giant! Congratulations on your French achievement!


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