When is something more than just a hobby?

Posted: March 14, 2013 in Mosaic General
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One evening recently I needed to go get some paint to finish off the small tray.  After dinner, the husband and I were talking about what to do for the evening and when I brought up the paint he said “of course! Let’s go get it tonight, this is your preferred hobby, it is important, we need to support it!”

Ok, fantastic guy for saying that.  But my first, instant reaction in my head was a tiny bit of horror.  I thought to myself, HOBBY!  How dare it be called a HOBBY!  It is more than a HOBBY!!!!  When I got the little evil monster in my brain under control I thought about my reaction.

Hobby is a lovely word.  I’ve got many, I enjoy reading – a lot, baking goodies is lovely, knitting is also (usually) fun.  While I take pride in baking a good treat, the  desire to spend every waking minute creating a better cookie just isn’t in me.  The need to have the latest and greatest new kind of yarn isn’t a big pull.

I have no desire to figure out how to make a living at baking, a love of books, etc..  Yet, I would be ecstatic if I could figure out a way to do mosaic all day, every day.

I would love to open a shop, would love to be a supplier, would love to see a piece of my work hanging in a gallery and be considered a real artist.  But I’m not there yet, and maybe will never be good enough for that, I go back and forth thinking it is possible or thinking it is unrealistic.

So what to call it then if not a hobby – a hobby on steroids?  A mosaic obsession?  My passion maybe?  Not sure….


  1. turpinatorx says:

    I would call it a passion most definitely, since you eat, sleep, dream mosaics. I don’t think calling it a hobby is bad either. There are so many stories of people who started “hobbies” that turned into full time businesses. It’s just something that sort of happens little by little.

    Figure out what the next step would be, like having a booth at an Art fair. You gotta put your art out there for the world to see and make connections. Just my 2 cents. 🙂


  2. Michele Weintraub says:

    I once read a quote by Paul McCartney where he said he had always hought of his music as a fun hobby. Anyway, you already are good enough to show your mosaics. You should volunteer to do a small public works project in Ottawa. Then everybody can look at your work. Mosaics look best outside or in public places.


    • never heard that quote before – that is a good perspective probably! thanks for the kind words too, and you’re right – actually mosaics do look best outside! am going to email you soon! 🙂


  3. Pat Macy says:

    My third love! (of course behind Jean-Marc and Ozwald)


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