Flip Day!

Posted: February 13, 2013 in San Marco tray
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Flip Day on the San Marco inspired mosaic for the tray has arrived!
Am hoping the future day when I remove the paper will not thus be called Flipping Out Day because it didn’t turn out ok…

Tons of tiny squares later, the mosaic is finally all finished in reverse.  This means the mosaic is done upside-down and backwards onto heavy paper, then lifted up and flipped into its’ final location.  Why?  Because this method gives a more uniform flat surface which is desirable for a tray.  You stick the mosaic tiles face down on the paper using a modified water soluble glue.  It has to be strong enough so the pieces will stay stuck when you lift the mosaic and flip it over, but mild enough to peel off later with just a little soak of water.

First pic below is of the mosaic totally complete but from the backside.  Not too bad, but hopefully will look better when flipped over!  The cream colored background actually has some irridecence to it that isn’t visible on the back.

The second pic is of the mosaic flipped into the tray – the process goes like this:  you put cement where the mosaic is going – then lift it and hope to goodness it stays stuck on its’ paper – then flip it into the goo and again hope to goodness you’ve lined it up ok!  Enough to get my heart going a little!  🙂

Now, it needs to sit in its’ cement for a little bit till it sets solid before I can take off the paper.  But impatience got the better of me and I soaked up one corner a tiny bit just to see if it was ok.  So far so good!  Check back in with me next week and I’ll show you what the outcome is after the paper is removed and it is grouted!!!  Wish me luck!!

  1. Diana says:

    Can’t wait to see it all finished. Do you have to add grout after the paper comes off, or is it finihed when the paper comes off?


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