New Year New Project

Been taking a tiny break from the blog but time to get back to it in earnest!  It is a new year and time for a new project to get underway.

Each evening after dinner we tend to migrate to the downstairs living room and I drag my computer, mouse, a couple of dog toys, maybe a magazine or a snack.  More often than not, something gets dropped.  Usually my mouse which breaks apart – side note – if your klutzy like me, buy a Logitech mouse.  I’ve dropped it probably 989,000 times over the past 4 years and yet each time when I put it back together it still works!

Anyways, I found a white wooden tray at a home décor store that will be the perfect thing to help me corral all this stuff on my nightly migration.  But, leaving it just blank white wouldn’t do!  The inside base of the tray will be mosaic’d!

For a pattern I was inspired by a photo I’d taken in Venice.  On the roof of St. Mark’s, there was a border design that I just loved.  I’ve decided to do one part of this border in the tray.

The mosaic will be done in the indirect method – this means upside down and backwards on paper, then flipped over into the tray later – this method will make the surface of the mosaic more uniform and flat which is a good thing for a tabletop or tray.

Here’s a pic of the original design and a couple of starting pics!  My pallet will be some purples and a pink with a cream iridescent background.  Check back soon for more progress!

4 thoughts on “New Year New Project

  1. It is going to be lovely Mercie. You have great ideas. I still think one day you should sell I know lots of work but labor of love.


  2. That tray is going to be gorgeous. Are the tiles fairly light? Will the tray be carried up/down the stairs or will it be set in place to protect a furniture surface? What a pretty and usful home decor idea, too.


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