the beauty of tape sculpture ;-)

Posted: December 12, 2012 in Mosaic General
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I’ve been avoiding the blog for a couple weeks because there was a bit of minor disaster on the mosaic front.

I’m going to mosaic a serving tray using the reverse method where you put the pieces down on paper first then flip it into your base – this gives a smooth surface.  After setting up the project to glue the pieces to brown paper, I learned of a product called “Tile Tape”.  Using this super sticky tape, I could stick pieces down, reposition them easily, and also have my pattern viewable to work from under the clear tape rather than drawing it on paper. It also won’t stretch the way paper does – no glue to mix, sounded so much easier!

I should have known better.
I’ve never had good luck with tape of any kind.  After a disastrous 10 minutes trying to cut the size and line it up, it still wasn’t quite right.  In moving it again, it wrapped tightly over my index finger, trying to gingerly remove it and keep everything intact the tape then stuck to my opposite sleeve, a minute later –  a corner of it was stuck over to the center.  Oh no!  It is suck to itself!  After freeing my finger and sleeve,  I tried to gently undo it from itself but only succeeded in making it much much worse.  This is the end result.


Am back to the original plan of using brown paper and glue.  Though now – after looking at the pic am thinking maybe I should take up a new art medium, tape sculpture!  😉

  1. Diana says:

    It is a Spanish Bull in the ring in Spain!


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