The Creepy Tree

Ok, maybe it really isn’t creepy, but I’d taken referring to my second project for the Orsoni workshop  this way.  It is kind of an odd, dark looking design and it reminded me of something from a quirky dark animated movie.  My sister didn’t like this description and kept telling me it wasn’t creepy.  I thought perhaps maybe refer to it as Modern Weeping Willow?  Not interesting either.  Then this past weekend my Mother-in-Law said it looked “like a tree from a fantasy”  This descriptor is finally the one that fits it best!  🙂  Because it sounds so much nicer in french and as a little nod to my french speaking M-I-L, it will be now known as “L’arbre d’un conte fantastique”

Inspiration for this piece came from a mousepad of all places!  The graphic was similar and I thought it would make a fun mosaic and make good use of a bit of the beautiful 24K Orsoni gold without being too flashy.  This mosaic was started off by creating the structure of the tree, then filling in the left over tight little areas.  They made a joke at the workshop that I had the patience of a monk for all the tiny bits and filling in small spaces.  🙂  I’d thought this project would be faster and easier than the Lotus but it surprisingly was not.

It turned out really fun, we’ve already ordered a neat thick black frame that will set it off nicely.  It was made in the direct method on wood using Orsoni Smalti and gold in both the gold tone and gold lavender.  Click an image below to bring up a larger picture review.

Check back next week for a posting with the final projects from the workshop!

2 thoughts on “The Creepy Tree

  1. Love the new name : ) ….much better than creepy tree! I love that you used Oz as a size comparison. You did a fantastic job on the little gold circles.


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