and then the Lotus blossoms

Trying to pick out projects to do at Orsoni was so tough, I wanted to pick projects that would be a good use of colors and instruction, not easy but not too ambitious either, wanted to be able to finish and have fun too.  Finally I decided for the first week of the workshop to do a Lotus pattern inspired by a piece of Batik fabric I’d seen.

Lotus flowers have always attracted me, there were some that lived in my fish pond in Florida.  I’ve got several pieces of jewelry with lotus patterns and even a tattoo of one.  Not only are they beautiful flowers but I love their symbolism.  In Buddhist beliefs the lotus flower is revered for how it grows and blossoms.  Starting out in the thick mud and yuck, it moves into murky  waters, it does not perish or suffocate, it pushes forward to reach the surface where it blooms pristine white – or sometimes other colors 🙂  producing one of natures most beautiful flowers.  This reminds us to persevere, to rise above our hardships and sufferings and not be dirtied by the mud from which we come.

Though I had thought perhaps I might move out of my tendency to cut small pieces, that wasn’t the case with the Lotus.  It really required small, if the pieces had been bigger much of the details would have been lost.  Frankly, I couldn’t be happier, I’d wanted to do a red background and white flowers but heeded some guidance given by the amazing Antonella at Orsoni and added white gold at the tips of the petals and chose a red she’d suggested over the one I’d initially picked.  After all, they know their colors!  Later this week I’ll post pics of my 2nd Orsoni workshop project, so be sure to check back!

The mosaic is about 20″ x 7.25″, done completely in Orsoni Smalti and Gold, in the direct method on wood.


3 thoughts on “and then the Lotus blossoms

    1. thanks Aunt Pat! oh yes, i carried it onto the plane and put it under my seat. no way it was going to go in the suitcase!! 🙂 good too because my suitcase was “delayed” – the airline lost it for 4 days – i’d have been a nervous wreck if the mosaics had been inside it and not with me!!


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