When reality is better than your dreams….

Sometimes we have dreams but reality doesn’t match – but sometimes we get lucky and living out the reality is 1000 times better than anything we came up with in our dreams!  This was the case for me and Orsoni in Venice Italy.

Returned earlier this week and cannot put into words the extreme happiness that has come from this experience.  First I visited Rome (I wanted to go back and look at St. Peter’s mosaics again & the Pantheon) then Assisi – because St. Francis has always been my favorite Saint, he’s the patron saint of animals.  🙂 Already this thrilled me, but then I arrived in Venice.

Orsoni is located in the Cannaregio area and not on a main tourist street.  I was lucky enough to have a room at Domus Orsoni – in the building that was the family’s old house.  All the rooms are decorated with the most beautiful mosaics and the Orsoni furnace making the Smalti is running 24 hours, so there is this lovely low hum reminding you of where you are.

The class was phenomenal.  Receiving guidance, encouragement, positive words and gentle correction from Maestra Antonella was a priceless experience.  Meeting, working with and becoming friends with the other students was phenomenal!  Where I live there is no one else who does mosaic, so for me being with others of the same “mosaic DNA” couldn’t have been better.  It was a treat to work late at night together or go grab a bite and talk mosaic .  We all came with our own designs, it was so much fun to see everyone else’s different styles and how they came at a design.  I learned from them as well.

Of course having unlimited access to the materials and the extraordinary range of colors and gold was simply ideal.  We also got to experience the daily life of the furnace and the glass workers.  The room next to us housed the ladies who make the gold and cut the smalti, we watched glass bubbles nearly as tall as me being blown, we saw Smalti being made and bright orange molten glass coming out of the furnace and being hand pressed.  Simply stunning for those of us who love this medium.

We visited San Marco with the very knowledgeable Mirta and got tons of time to explore it’s beauty.

And of course, there was the food.  Most notably, my favorite, the desserts.  🙂  Yummy goodies were eaten each day.
One major drawback to the trip though…when I returned home, I realized that the coffee from my little coffeemaker really really sucks compared to the lovely Italian stuff.

I made 6 mosaics during the workshop, a personal record for me in a 2 week time span!  2 are detailed and were tough, 4 are much simpler and graphical in nature.  They need a tiny bit of cleaning, then I’ll take some good photos and share them with you starting next week.  So be sure to come back to the blog and see the results!

I’m not much of an advice giver – but today I will give one piece.  Make every effort to live your dreams.  It may sound kitschy and cliché but I mean it.  If you have the chance, take it – Live them and enjoy the memories.  There is nothing like it, I promise you.



5 thoughts on “When reality is better than your dreams….

  1. I am so happy for you…what a wonderful experience. Can’t wait to see the pieces all cleaned up. You are really quite a talented mosaic artist. Now let’s see you make a dream of mine come true…enter some pieces in a juried show : )


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