Living with 4 seasons is fantastic!

This past weekend we went off for a few days to enjoy the fall colors in a bit of mountains.  This is still a fairly new feeling for me.  The past 12 years before I came to Canada, I lived in NorthEast Florida.  It was so beautiful there and being in North Florida meant we had a bit of cool winter.  In fact Orange trees can’t be grown there commercially due to potential for freezes in the winter.  The freeze temperatures only ever last a handful of hours but still, it freezes sometimes!  NorthEast Florida had wonderful weather, nice hot in summer or not so hot in fall spring and cool-ish in the winter, but no grand change of seasons.

I grew up in the NorthWest US, near Seattle.  Same thing there, beautiful place but really just the season for rain and the 2 weeks of summer.  🙂  OK, I exaggerate a little, but there was no massive 4 season change like here, a bit for sure and more than Florida but no grand change that lasted for very long that I remember.

Coming to Canada 2 years ago put me in a place where we live with 4 very distinct seasons.  It is really fantastic, it makes you appreciate the different times of the year more.  I savor summer now because there is no way we’re going to get a 75 degree day in January (like we’d have gotten in Florida).  I relish in the new flowers of spring, they can grow bulb flowers here and the tulips are phenomenal!  The winter has its’ white pristine beauty and fun activities, but by far – my favorite season is fall.  The trees in their glorious colors, the crispness of the mornings – enough to need a bit of a jacket, the smell of the fireplaces in the houses, the pumpkins and gourds abound at the grocery.  It is a season that is a true treat for all the senses.

Heading off tomorrow for Italy!  Not sure if connectivity will allow me to blog from there or not, so it may be a couple weeks before I’m back online.  Wish me luck!!

2 thoughts on “Living with 4 seasons is fantastic!

  1. Mercie, Have a wonderful productive time in Italy. Is this your birthday present? Love, Aunt Pat  Pictures fantastic!



    1. partially birthday! it just happened by chance the class was at the same time, i’d saved up for a long while for the class but wasn’t quite all the way there and got some extra help too for the birthday. 🙂


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