Going to Mosaic mecca – Orsoni in Venice Italy!

What if you could go to one of the places in the world that was the best ever for learning your most favorite activity?

Well, this insanely lucky girl gets to do just that one week from today!  Next Thursday, I’m heading to Italy to spend 2 weeks in the Master in Mosaic course at Orsoni in Venice Italy.  It has been a long held dream of mine to visit Orsoni and the chance to actually do it has arrived!

So why is Orsoni so important in my eyes?  Well, here’s a little lowdown on who they are and what they do:

Orsoni is a famous Venitian workshop that makes smalti – a special type of glass used in mosaics.  It was started in the late 1800’s and today they still make the smalti in the traditional ways.

They have a library of almost 3000 tones and shades including their famous gold smalti which uses 24 karat gold.  Orsoni smalti is used all over the world and can be seen in many famous modern mosaic installations such as the Golden Room in Stockholm City Hall where Nobel Prizes are given, Sacre’ Coeur Cathedral in Paris, Gaudi’s mosaic spires, St. Paul’s Cathedral in London and many many others.

Why is their smalti so special?  Their color library is the absolute best.  Smalti starts out with the same ingredients as other types of glass and it is then heated in super high temperature furnaces to make a sort of paste.  But the Orsoni magic comes in the creations of the color.  They have secret family “recipes” using just a few dozen oxides that have been handed down through 4 generations and no one does it better than them.

For more details on Orsoni’s history  – read their full story here:  http://www.orsoni.com/default.asp?pc=001002000000002

I cannot wait to get there, to see the foundry and learn from these amazing masters in the world of mosaic.  Hopefully I’ll be able to pick up some new skills or refine my techniques and come out with a good piece to show you!

One thought on “Going to Mosaic mecca – Orsoni in Venice Italy!

  1. So excited for you! I can’t wait to see all of the pictures and see what you choose to create. It is fabulous that you have this incredible adventure ahead!


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