Drawing out a project for enjoyment

Do you ever draw things out just to prolong the pleasure?

The Tribal Fish is coming along and I’m so happy with him.  Yet, I haven’t felt a big rush to hurry and get him finished.  He’ll be done for sure within a week but he probably could have been completed much faster.

I pondered the why of this the other day as I had the options of mosaic-ing all afternoon or going to yoga.  I chose yoga and just mosaic’d a short bit of time.  I realized that I’m getting a ton of enjoyment watching the Tribal Fish evolve.  Watching the background fill in bit by bit is really floating my boat so to speak.

Thought about if I do this in other areas of life too and realized the answer is a resounding yes.  Once there was a book I enjoyed so much I didn’t finish it for 2 years – I read other books in that time of course, and it wasn’t slow reading that took me so long – it was just I loved the story and didn’t want to find out everything quickly.  So I’d read a small bit, put it down for a few weeks, read a bit more, etc..  Desserts get a similar treatment, not the 2 year treatment, but they are eaten so slowly.  I have a giant sweet tooth and trying to make the sweet taste last as long as possible is delightful.

It was a bit interesting to see this pattern reflected in many other areas of my life too and get a bit of new insight!  A final pic of Tribal Fish totally completed will come next week – but here’s a tiny portion of it with the background as a teaser!   Though not yet grouted….

One thought on “Drawing out a project for enjoyment

  1. Oh wow, that background glass is beautiful. I like how you are creating the movement of the water with the placement of the bits. Your musings seem quite true for you…you like dragging things out…or saving something for later. Me too, in another sort of way. Can’t wait to see the finished project!


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