Strength, Bravery, Perseverance

No, the title of this blog does not represent needed traits for finishing this mosaic piece!  Actually the Tribal Fish is coming along nicely, various stages of development are scattered throughout this entry.  The title alludes a bit to the representation of the fish itself.  Since this mosaic piece is based on a tattoo design, thought I’d share with you what a Fish (or Koi) type tattoo usually represents.

People get tattoos for personal reasons of course, but certain designs have a lot of history and meaning associated with them (or used to).  The Koi tattoos still carry much of the same traditional meaning.

Koi fish are known for swimming upstream in both Chinese and Japanese tradition.  Most fish don’t accept this challenge and go with the direction of the river.  Weather does not matter, the path may be difficult or steep, it may include waterfalls – yet the Koi continue.  These fish attempt the difficult path, climb the waterfalls, exceed expectation and adversity.   This makes them an excellent representation of courage, determination when faced with times of difficulty and strength.

These traits are usually the main meanings a person is trying to represent with a Koi type tattoo.  Often if someone has overcome or is in the process of overcoming a rough patch in life, this type of tattoo symbolizes those events.

Koi tattoos can also represent Independence – as the person perhaps associates themselves as a Koi swimming against the traditional flow of society.  Sometimes the Koi symbolize love or good luck.  A Koi can represent bravery, as in old mythology it was said when a Koi was removed from water, he does not wriggle around, instead he moves little and accepts what comes to him with bravery and dignity.

For me, I like the initial representation of the Koi as a symbol of strength, both in general and as a representation of strength in overcoming adversity.  This particular design strikes me as the very essence of a bold, strong courageous fish.

Ran out of tiles for the background – new shipment is arriving though so hopefully next week he’ll be finished.

One thought on “Strength, Bravery, Perseverance

  1. Simply beautiful. It appears to me that you excel at, and really enjoy, working on graphic design and animals. This has so many itty bitty pieces. Love it and can’t wait to see the finished piece!


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