Do you like Fish?

I totally love fish, especially Koi type fish.  I used to have 2 living in a small outdoor pond at my home when I was in Florida.  They were named Petunia and Carrot Deux (don’t ask about original Carrot).  A favorite thing to do was sit and watch them swim around and come and ask for food.   I love the shape of the fish, the way they move, their curves, their colors, absolutely everything.


Tattoos also usually fascinate me and fish tattoos, when they aren’t cartoonish, always catch my eye.  I stumbled across this design for a different looking fish tattoo recently, it was a more tribal type design.  Not cartoonish, but not realistic either.  I thought it might make an interesting mosaic piece, and after finding a nice 8 x 10 already framed up piece of wood – it was decided this would be the next project.




The fish will be done in 2 versions of black, I know in they look the same in the picture – but one of these tiles is a bit more shiny than the other.  The difference will be very subtle but think it will give a tiny bit of dimension to the piece.  The background will be done in these super fun new tiles I got on a sample that have a green / silvery / liquid type feel to them.

Since the design is based on a tattoo design, there is space in it where skin would normally show.  I’ve decided to leave these spaces in but not mosaic them in another color.  Instead, this piece will be grouted with a light grey grout and the grout will fill in those spaces.  It is a risk, but hopefully it will not be a mistake to do this and will look ok.

Work will commence shortly and next week there should be an update with some actual mosaic bits set down!

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