My Love, Kiss Me

Posted: August 29, 2012 in Mosaic Work Update, My Love Kiss Me
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Iceland has a totally fascinating history and one of the parts that fascinates me the most is the ancient stave symbols and runic language.   I love it so much, that there is a dream stave tattooed on my foot, and after a particularly challenging trip, my sister gave me a necklace of the runic symbol for luck that I wear often.

Poking around recently reading more about this favored topic, I found this really sweet little quote “ my love, kiss me “ written in runic.  It was originally carved on a runakefli, or wooden message-stick, and found in Bergen Norway.  It would have been the equivalent of a modern day letter sent from one person to another.  It is estimated to have been carved sometime after 1248 AD.   I realize Norway is not Iceland, but at the time, this was the same runic language that Icelanders used.

A few weeks ago I got a very tiny amount of really beautiful blue tiles and was waiting for the perfect project on which to use them.  My love, kiss me mosaic’d in the runic language was just ideal!  Here is the final result:

The timing of finishing this mosaic couldn’t have been more perfect, as my lovely significant other told me yesterday was the 3 year anniversary of our first kiss!  He may drop the mosaics, but a girl couldn’t wish for any better than a man who remembers the date of your first kiss.  🙂

**special thanks to where I originally found the quote

  1. Jarrod T says:

    That’s really cool! I gotta get to Iceland someday soon.


  2. Diana says:

    That is beautiful- you know, when I stare at the lettering, I think that is is something that someone from another solar system could read and understand! I just love the color and the way the white tiles/smalti are placed. Excellent work! What is the size of the finished piece in inches? Is it a mini mosaic?


    • JM said a very similar thing – he said it looked like alien writing and that is why he thought it was cool. 🙂 final size is 11″ wide by 4.5″ tall, the letters are about 1.5″ tall


  3. Pat Macy says:

    LOVE IT!!!


  4. Pat Macy says:

    LOVE IT!


  5. jean-marc says:

    Just a lovely piece. The mosaik pieces are very well integrated together; so tight.


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